D&RGW 4 wheel cabooses question for the Bachmann

Started by mudhen, June 11, 2013, 05:47:33 PM

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Is there a chance that Bachmann Industries will produce a Spectrum 4 wheel caboose in the 0570 numbers or 400 number series ?
Your long caboose  is fantastic, so I ask, is it in the future.
Hope so.
To everyone else,
Why did the D&RG paint a 4 wheel green caboose with the toilet seat logo ?
Was it for the Royal Gorge tourist line caboose ? and information on # 0579 would be appreciated too.
This inquisitive mind needs to know.

Kevin Strong

I was told the green caboose was painted such for a movie, but don't quote me and don't ask me the name of the movie.