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Bachmann GP7 update

Started by bapguy, June 26, 2013, 09:34:29 AM

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This started out as a UP ungine # 114. I repainted it in GN orange and Empire green. I added grab irons and a bell. The grab irons are from BLMA. I used their drilling guide to drill the holes. The bell is from Custom Finishing. The decals are from Model Railroader,s project layout from a while back. They were included in one of the magazines that had the Turtle Creek Central installments in it. There's still some touch up work to do and more details to install. What do you think?  Joe


Looks quite nice, Joe.

I tried to blow up the photo, so I check out more detail.  It got too pixelated to see anything up close.






I like it!

     -- D


My next project is an F7A unit. This one is an Athearn one, but the same upgrade I'll be doing can be done on a Bachmann unit.  Joe


IIRC "Empire Green" was what New York Central called the jade green it used in the 1960's. The GN "Empire Builder" colors (which were applied to diesel locomotives for about 6 years before the colors were used on the Empire Builder's cars) are Omaha Orange and Pullman Green.


I went off what the paint bottle said.
How ever I think you're with you on the color names. The "Empire Green: on the loco looks more grey then green.  Joe