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N scale S4 sound install

Started by bapguy, September 26, 2013, 02:04:12 PM

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Has anyone installed a sound decoder in the new DCC on Board S4? If so details about the decoder, speaker and any problems.  Thanks.  Joe


This is not a simple drop in sound install. There is a gentleman posting on "The Railwire" that is working on sound in a 44T but it is requiring rebuilding some of the body shell with thin brass to make room for the decoder.

I would wait till the Atlas S2 with sound arrives and see if the decoder can be transplanted into the Bachmann S4.
Tony Hines

Modeling the B&O in Loveland, OH 1947-1950


Thanks for the info. It's not for me though( I model HO) but a friend who models N scale. I'll do some checking out of the Altas diesel.  Joe