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Switching shell on engine/tenders

Started by kennywsp4, February 12, 2007, 02:22:36 PM

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 Can you swap out the engine shell and tender shells easy( from a older big hauler  radio control one emmet kelly circus version) onto a newer electric one? Thus making a neat newer  one?

the Bach-man

Dear Kenny,
The tender shells pose no problems, but some of the new valve gear on the loco may require minor modification. Nothing a modeler of moderate skills couldn't do, however.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


If just the shells, not too much of a problem.
If, however, you want to use your cylinders, that's where the skills come into play.
Personally, having an Anniversary and giving up the superstructure details for the older one is going backwards.

Your old unit has plastic handrails, no separate sander pipes, coarse injectors, no air line plumbing or cooling coils, no electrical conduits or junction box, plastic bell and whistle, pie-plate rivets on the smokebox, little or no cab details.

If you MUST have it, I would repaint the boiler jacket to match and swap out just the cab and smokebox number plate.



Thats what I plan on doing. I am going to switch out the drives with my 5th generation Big Hauler which split a gear, with a new Annie drive. It was this or pay $142 to Bachmann for the new drive, where I can just go out and buy an Annie loco and all for $100. I have a friend who will be giving me another 5th generation drive and then I will use that under the ex-Annie. I am converting my New Annie to battery power, but the 2nd loco will stay track powered.

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