Why no knuckle couplers in the latest run of Flat Car kits?

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, September 14, 2007, 10:58:29 PM

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Loco Bill Canelos

Hi All.

Was this an oversight?  Will it be corrected?  Is this true of any of the other kits??
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the Bach-man

Hi, Bill!
Not sure- I'll try to find out.
the Bach-man

Russ Palmer

Purchased two Flat Car Kits today. Same problem no
knuckle couplers.
Sent email to service department. Will see what happens.
Also purchased a Tank Car Kit and a Box Car Kit. No problem with them..

Jon D. Miller


Possibly it's just a problem with the flat car kits.

I've purchased one box car and two reefer kits and they all had the knuckle couplers attached to the trucks.

Poster Child (unofficial & uncompensated)


       I recently purchased four Flat Car Kits and they also had no Knuckle Couplings.  I contacted the shop where I purchased them from and they contacted Bachmann who replaced the couplers. It took about 4 weeks but considering that I live in New Zealand I reckon that was ok all round.

             Dave Cole

frank moorhead

i agree
flat cars, no couplers
tank cars, couplers with the trucks

Russ Palmer

Received email from Bachmann Service, that I must send them a copy of the invoice that the cars where purchased on and they  will send  the 2 pair of couplers at no charge.

Nick Jr

Must be something new,  I received two flat cars late last month and both contained another set of couplers that had a lower profile.  Nick Jr


Quote from: Nick Jr on September 19, 2007, 04:05:26 PM
Must be something new,  I received two flat cars late last month and both contained another set of couplers that had a lower profile.  Nick Jr

I think you probably received the new 1:20.3 scale ready to run flat cars. They are shipped with both the new high level couplers and the older low level couplers. All is well with your RTR 1:20.3 cars.

The discussion above is regarding couplers in the 1:22.5 scale flatcar kits. They are normally supplied with only the older low level couplers, but it appears that some of the latest production of the kits were packaged and shipped without any couplers.

Happy RRing,

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the Bach-man

Dear All,
It seems that a production run was shipped without knuckles. This will be corrected; in the meantime, send a copy of your receipt and service will send you the couplers.
Have fun!
the Bach-man

Nick Jr

Jerry,  you are absolutely right.         Thank you    Nick Jr