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Started by jrd65, January 09, 2014, 04:01:39 PM

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Just received a Decoder equipped DCC Turnout (Right crossover). Reading the instructions. Apparently this unit is made to be used with Bachman's DCC E Z Command controller. I am using a Digitrax Command station with Digitrax switch control units. Paid a good price for the turnout now feel that I have suffered a loss since I have no idea how to set up this unit with the Digitrax equipment. >:( Anybody have any ideas ???


Here's how to do it on a Zypher. If other then a Zypher check your manual. Following are detailed instructions that worked for me.
To Program:
1   Press and hold the program button on the turnout till it toggles.
2   Press the "Switch" key on the Digitrax DCS51.
3   Press the # key you want to assign to the switch.
4   Press the cv-wr key to program. The switch will toggle 4 times to indicate it has been programmed.
To Operate:
1   Press the "Switch" key.
2   Press the # key you assigned to the switch. 2 switches programmed to the same number will work in tandem but must be programmed individually.
3   Press t (cv-rd) or c (cv-wr) key to toggle the switch to Thrown or Closed. For some reason my switch indicator is opposite to the actual position.
4   Your throttle and direction controls will work normally while in Switch mode.


BAPGUY...Thanks. Will try it in the next day or so.
Questions that you might have an answer to.
1) There are 2 turnouts on a crossover. Can I program each separately as if I was programming individual turnouts?
2) I am trying to run LEDs off of each turnout on my layout (The turnouts now are going thru DS64's and they are not DCC; however they are Bachman's) with Atlas 200 Snap Relays to control the LEDs. They work the way I want them to.

I appreciate your response.



Yes you can program each turnout individually. As for the LED's I'm not sure. You have to have a resister for each LED.  Joe