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Removing On30 Bachmann 2-6-0 cab

Started by Dunvegan, March 09, 2014, 11:48:52 AM

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I just bought a used On30 2-6-0 on eBay. No paperwork came with it. One of its front window castings fell out in shipping, and I need to get inside the cab to glue it back in and to install a crew. Is this a matter of unscrewing a screw (s) or can it be pryed off the loso. Tried the baseball bat. Didn't work.

Royce Wilson

Since nobody has responded to you then I will try to explain this.

Take a flat blade Xacto and slide it under the cab to break the glue they used and then slide the cab backwards.


Royce Wilson

I meant to add to my last message that if you are not a member yet of some of the Yahoo groups then you will find it worth while because the 2-6-0 mogul is the engine most of us cut our teeth on and it is still one of the best engines for the money that you can find in narrow gauge of any scale.

Yahoo groups: On30 group.
                         On30 conspiracy

And of course if you choose to model the Colorado & Southern then there are two groups for that.

Royce Wilson


Hey, Royce,

     Thanx for the help! I'll take the X-Acto to the cab once I've got the engineer and fireman ready for occupancy.
     As for the loco's Colorado past, in MY world, it's been sold to a west coast operator and will find itself down on the docks, dodging seagulls and still burning coal.

                                                                        Iain McLeod

Royce Wilson

Thats OK,the C&S sold off much of their fleet to other narrow gauge outfits and even loggers to make ends meet.So the Bachmann mogul is a perfect place to start a narrow gauge operation.

Royce Wilson