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Started by mudhen, July 09, 2014, 06:09:23 PM

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I know many railroads, like the D&RGW had several tender designs, number and classification, colours.  First in block lettering, then the the toilet seat with block lettering and lastly the flying RIO GRANDE. Somewhere in white and some in silver. The tender and the engine where trimmed in silver /or white/ or sometimes neither.
I have a Backmann K-27 # 455 and want to change the number and herald to the flying RIO GRANDE and if I can find a rear tender light, I will add it too. It currently has the toilet seat herald with DENVER AND RIO GRANDE WESTERN in silver.
I know how to remove the Bachmann painted fonts and have the herald sets in dry transfer and decal too, depending which one I like best.
Depending on the locomotive, if the top of the steam chest was in or out, at the top, also made a big difference too which engine had what.
I would like to do a engine with the white flying RIO GRANDE, Any help on which engine to renumber it in or where I can find paint schemes would be a big help..
It would be so much easier if I could just find and purchase a new tender shell the way I want it, like the 463. Unforchantly Bachmann only has the 455 , which I already own. The engine also has to have the green painted boiler.
Any help on this would really be helpful.
Thanks in advance for all help

Loco Bill Canelos


I can't help you with which engine to do, but maybe this will help with the green.
A friend of mine years ago used floquil Pullman green to paint the boiler on an HO scale loco. It looked pretty close to the green you need, but Floquil is not made anymore.  If there is another brand of pullman green you can find you could try it by painting it onto black plastic and see how close it is.  You can usually add white grey or black to it to get get closer to what you want.

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