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Numbers on tank cars and others

Started by mudhen, August 31, 2014, 07:32:04 AM

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To the Backmann;
Just purchased 3 of your Spectrum "Gramps" tank cars and the detailing is supperb. I really like the spectrum line of cars.
The only draw back is the numbers as I see it , there are anly 2 numbers avalible.
Have you ever given any thought to adding a decal sheet so the serious D&RGW modeller can change numbers themselves, to make it so there are never two numbers the same in a string of tankers or any other of your cars you have.
Even a decal sheet for your spectrum like, for purchase would be great if it was possible. 
Just a thought.

Chuck N

I know of two people who do custom lettering.  You can do a google search on "Cedarleaf custom decals" and "G scale graphics" to get to their websites.  Stan Cedarleaf makes water slide decals and Del Tappiro (G scale graphics) makes vinal transfers.  I have used Stan's decals for a number of projects.  You could have him do numbers for different types of cars in the appropriate size and numbers.  You could get a lot of numbers on a single sheet.


Stan has an extensive library of RR lettering and logos.  He can also help design custom lettering and logos.

I have heard good things about Del's work, but have not used it myself.

One project was to repaint and letter 32 LGB iron ore cars for the DM&IR.  Each car has a different number.

Another project involved building a boxcar kit and lettering it for my RR "CLEAR LAKE LUMBER Co"

This last picture has Stan's decals on a Bachmann Climax and logging caboose in addition to the box car.


I actually have three Gramps tank cars with different numbers on them. The first run had only one number available while the second run has two numbers available.
David Silverton
Vernon Hills, IL