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S4 Soundvalue strobe light

Started by bapguy, November 17, 2014, 09:03:33 AM

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I bought a Bachmann HO S4 Soundvalue loco. I added a working rotary beacon to it. Here's what I did. I removed the plastic clips off the decoder, soldered all the wires to the decoder except the rear head light. I un-soldered the wires from the rear light on the PC board and removed them from the decoder. I soldered 2 new wires to the PC board and ran them up to the out put for the head light and soldered them to the board along with the wires for the head light. I soldered an LED to the rear light output on the decoder, making sure the top of the LED was below the top of the rear light LED.I measured the distance from the back of the rear light to the LED and added the thickness of the cab wall.   I drilled a hole with a #61 bit through the roof and U shaped inner shell. I enlarged the hole so the LED would fit in it . I put the shell on the frame. I installed a short length of finer optic in hole in the roof and installed the rotary light on the fiber optic. I used a Details West part # BR-106. I re-mapped the out puts on the decoder as follows: CV33 and CV34=1, CV35=2,CV38=1,CV50=7. This allows the strobe to be on F1. F2 and F3 work the horn. F4 is now the bell.  Joe



Good job. Today's locos all seem to have strobes and this looks like a great way to do it. I used 3mm flashing yellow LEDs to get this effect on my grandson's
locomotives but your system works just as well without having to scare up the tiny flashing diodes.
                                                                                                                                                     -- D