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Started by mudhen, December 21, 2014, 05:30:27 PM

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My question to the Bachmann is,
Bachmann Industries has had a great success with the K-27's.
Are you ever thinking of reintroducing the K-27's and if yes , what about making them with the steam chest upper cylinder, be in, instead of out to resemble the rest of the remaining fleet ?
Also can anyone tell me why the D&RGW made the steam chest in two designs (ways). One facing in and then some facing out above the lower cylinder.
Thanks in advance.

Kevin Strong

The K-27s were originally built as compound locos, which didn't work out nearly as well as hoped. They were rebuilt, originally with slide-valves and Stevenson's valve gear, then later with piston valves and Walshearts valve gear. This latter rebuild was done in two groups. The early group got the inside-slanting cylinders. The later group had outside slanting cylinders.




Still waiting to he from the Bachmann if Bachmann Industries is going to rerun or introduce the second type of steam chests on there K-27 any time soon ?.
Thanks Keven for your reply, already new most of what you said and was hope it was more than that.


There are no plans to rerun the K-27 at this time.


Quote from: Yardmaster on December 23, 2014, 07:04:24 PM
There are no plans to rerun the K-27 at this time.


Ottawa Valley GRS


Quote from: Yardmaster on December 23, 2014, 07:04:24 PM
There are no plans to rerun the K-27 at this time.

Personally I think that is a big mistake.  Ah well, I don't run the company.


Consider the following information about the K27.
When the K27 hit the market it retailed for about $1500 with a street price around $750 (what I paid for mine about 7 years ago). I have seen them on sale at hobby shops trying to move the stock out as low as $450. Somewhere there is a balance point between cost and what the market will pay. I am sure Bachamnn's cost to manufacture has not gone down, and the available pool of buyers I am sure has gone down, those who have what the want/need and those who can no longer afford the hobby.
The K27 has also endured it's share of abuse over some real or perceived design flaws. Without going into detail here, I have made several modifications to mine that has considerably improved operation and reliability.
I share your opinion that it would be nice to own one of each of the major valving variations. Neither you nor I have available to us the engineering data required to say 'that's a cake walk' to change. However, I am also quite sure that if it were 'so easy', there are several 'garage manufacturers' who would have happily picked that up and make kits to modify existing Ks.
We are all part of a shrinking segment of the hobby. The real craftsman and innovators are expiring leaving a large hole in the hobby that the younger 'shake the box' and 'RTR' generation will never fill. I chose large scale for a couple reasons. Primarily eyesight. Second, I can build most of my structures and rolling stock on my table saw.
As tongue in cheek as I can make this, if you feel it is so easy to manufacture as high a quality model as Bachmann did, go for it. I would be quite interested to see how well your product sells.
Happy and Healthy New Year!
Bob C.

Chuck N

My 2 cents worth.  They way this hobby has been going lately, we are fortunate that Bachmann came out with the K-27.  I really like mine.  I did upgrade the drive with Rodney's revised gearing.  I also converted, with Stan Cedarleaf's help, one to battery/RC. 

It is unfortunate that there appears to single runs of what I perceive to be popular engines, but maybe they weren't as popular as I thought.

My personal preference for a future run would be one of the other Ks.  However, if they ever change their mind, my guess is that it would be another run of 27s.  They already have all the tooling for those and wouldn't have to start from scratch.