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Why not a White Pass 4-6-0?

Started by p51, January 09, 2015, 11:49:27 AM

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I noticed that Bachmann has an On30 2-6-0 lettered for the White Pass and Yukon RR.
Why the heck doesn't Bachmann make a factory-lettered ten-wheeler for the WP&Y? They had two of them in that very class (#s 10 and 14), moved up from the ET&WNC in the middle of 1942. They were both rebuilt at the Northern Pacific shops at South Tacoma, WA after a year of running in badly faded ET&WNC green. Both burned in a roundhouse fire at the end of WW2 and were scrapped in WA state afterward, but they did run on the White Pass during WW2.
Plenty of shots here:
I don't model the WP&Y, but I have ridden it on my quest to see every narrow gauge line in the US...

the Bach-man

Dear P-51,
I've always thought that a good idea.
the Bach-man


I model the Yukon in 1942 so any WP&Y items would be a welcome addition. P51 thanks for the link, I did not realize that the Army kept the ET&WNC engines in the ET&WNC paint so now I can run these engines on my RR.


I'd love to see photos of your WP&Y layout if you have some!
Quote from: Biglars on January 11, 2015, 09:51:38 AMI did not realize that the Army kept the ET&WNC engines in the ET&WNC paint so now I can run these engines on my RR.
Glad to be of help. You can use ET&WNC #14 (the right road number and in the green/gold paint) right out of the box if you want, but you'd probably want to weather down the lettering quite a bit. That gold paint was very badly faded by then.
Just cover over the ET&WNC portion of the cab markings and tender lettering and you're good.
As you can see, 10 and 14 came back from Tacoma very different locomotives. I'd love to see someone tackling a good conversion for a post-Tacoma WP&Y 10 or 14!
The sad part is that the roundhouse they burned in is of course gone, the locos were scrapped in 1945, and even the NP shops at South Tacoma are totally gone now, scraped clean from a federal Superfund cleanup several years back. You can't tell at all where the shops were, today.
At least the WP&Y is still around though! I have a soft spot for that RR for various reasons. Not only have I ridden it in person, I've gotten cab rides on several of their former steam locomotives, at parks like Tweetsie and Dollywood...


You'd think that a White Pass coach might do reasonably well, also...
I took these last week on the RR itself: