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New 4-4-0 Americans Angry Question

Started by TheDefiantPirate, March 07, 2015, 01:56:25 PM

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I'm a Little Disapointed and Upset at Bachmann WHY does their new line of 4-4-0 American class locomotives have the W&ARR Texas BUT NOT THE GENERAL THE MOST IMPORTANT LOCOMOTIVE OF THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE EVENT!!!!!!!!

I mean I feel i have to Paraphrase Quote Pink Floyd Here


Sorry if this seems a bit rude and what not i normally dont try to be rude with these kinds of things But i have been Searching for YEARS for a Proper looking model of the General and i know they have that General Set but IT DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT if the Texas is getting a new update that will be able to have (or come with) DCC then BY GOD the General does as well

Heck this just Brings up a new question Why not do a The Great Locomotive Chase Set package General Texas and maybe 6 box cars 3 for each loco and enough track to reinact the event sure that set would probably be very expensive but dang it all its one of railroading histories biggest events


The Great Locomotive Chase is the name of the Disney movie.  The actual historical event is called the Andrews Raid.

Now that we have that cleared up, let's talk about the engines. Studying period illustrations, neither preserved engine today very much resembles their 1862 appearance.  They are like George Washington's preserved axe, all original except the handle was replaced in 1870 and the head in 1900. Plus, the Bachmann engine resembles none of the above, and was not intended to.  Anyone can letter them for anything.  So, with a little work, one could get some decals and letter "Texas" on any Bachmann 4-4-0 and be just as wrong as anything else.  You can often get lettering off of models by gentle and patient rubbing  with a soft pink pencil eraser.  Then you put your decals on and, voila, the Texas.

I'm not getting one of these engines because they are just way too old for my period.  But they are probably fine, apparently they've been mechanically reconfigured snd improved.


Patience.... I'm sure the general will be released at some point after the initial production run.

electrical whiz kid

THis from a member:
This site is considered a good site, and at that, a gentlemens' place of forum.  The decorum here tends to be constructive, and mentoring.  We are for the most part, mature, and willing to impart much information to help people-especially the younger members-who are new to this game, to land on both feet in most situations.  These sites hadn't been around but the past ten or so years and are good places to come to.  I think I speak for other members when I say that screaming (characterized by caps) is not only unnecessary, but unacceptable.  It is not my place to cause reprimand and this is not my intention.


It has been well over six months, and still no new images or information on the new "General" or the "York."  Are these ever coming out?  Can  you give us some information as to the colors, type of stack, fuel, etc?




An interesting aspect of Bachmann's version of the Texas is that it is VERY prototypical of a version of the Texas--specifically, in the form of a former Virginia & Truckee locomotive that portrayed the Texas in Disney's "The Great Locomotive Chase."

Who could imagine such an accurate model of a locomotive in a movie?

And Bachmann makes or has made a Norris 4-2-0, which portrayed the Yonah in the same film, though that was not too accurate (the real Yonah was a haystack-boilered 4-4-0).

Now, how would you simulate the General of the film to that level?  What would you use as a stand in for B&O No. 25, the William Mason?

Hmmm. . .I wonder if Bachmann will ever issue the 4-4-0 as various Virginia & Truckee engines?  That is the prototype, actually. . .


Ernie K

 I just found several General Locomotives on eBay.
Ernie K


The new Sound Value versions of the "General" and the "York" will be here soon. Can't give an exact date but it won't be too much longer.


BachMan, what would we have to do to convince Bachmann to release a couple of different painted but unlettered old-time 4-4-0's?
Is it really that difficult to just leave off the numbers and lettering?  You do it with the old-time coaches.  I would love to see the DCC ready and Sound Value locos with the Russia iron boilers and interchangeable stacks and tender loads.  It would make them so much more attractive to many modelers!

Doug Weiskopf


It would make it easier,but modeling involves some customization and at times making parts to work the way you want .That is part of model railroading.Cannot have everything right out of the box. That would be too easy and anybody could do it then. Takes time to master these skills.Some have that natural eye hand thing.Others have to work at it.Either way it can be done with a good exercise in patience and practice. There are also a few different methods of lettering or numbers without removing the paint finish to change things out the way you want.Or if you cannot .There are plenty out there that could be for hire to do what you want.

the Bach-man

Dear Doug and Johnny,
I will pass along your suggestion.
Have fun!
the Bach-man


Dear BachMan,
It's been almost 2 years.  I just purchased my second retooled 4-4-0, and so far am very pleased.
But it would be so much easier for me if I didn't have to remove beautiful painting and lettering just to try to re-do it.  You produced a "modern" Spectrum 4-4-0 in a beautiful painted unlettered version that I love.  Why not do something similar with the old-time 4-4-0?
(Hopefully before I die.)

Doug Weiskopf