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Author Topic: Sodor's Legend of The Lost Treasure Thread  (Read 16998 times)

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« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2015, 08:34:13 PM »


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« Reply #16 on: August 25, 2015, 05:09:05 PM »

I preordered Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure last weekend, and I finally saw the full movie.

For those on this forum who want to wait for the DVD, I'll hold off on my full view for now. But I will say it IS the best Thomas movie yet. Andrew Brenner, David Stoten, and the rest of the team are to be blessed by all of us, and like the Adventure Begins hits the mark to celebrate Thomas' 70th Anniversary. Cheesy

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« Reply #17 on: September 07, 2015, 05:31:36 PM »

Warning Major Spoilers, IF YOU DIDN'T SEE IT TURN AROUND

I like how Thomasí is being cheeky, when he tries to steal Gordonís coaches and ends up causing an accident. TFC/STH has never been so angry, and skeptical over Thomas. Iíve felt pretty sorry for him, when he was hauled out from the carven, and when he saved Ryan from dynamite. Also how he's shocked to think that Ryan was his replacement, and kinda treated him like a punching bag.

The scene when Ryan unintentionally sets off the dynamite, and The Pack panicking and throwing it around like hot potato.
The chase scene was pretty epic on how the Arlesdale Engines and Ryan were help Thomas during the chase. It's amazing on how the series has gone from hauling giant balloons to dynamite.

Duck broke the 4th wall with Donald/Douglas.

The Oliver and Oliver scenes gave me a chuckle.

Sheís been quite large in this special, Iím not sure how people feel about Marion, but personally I still enjoy her. I laughed at how she thought the small engines were magic. She's a well-rounded character that the writers could work with alot of their story ideas.

Music/Soundtrack: I will say that the soundtrack was incredible, from the pack tossing the dynamite around, to the ship chase.
Even the Arlesdale Engines musical was brilliant. The music vid was pretty trip.

Returning Characters
Donald/Douglas-It's great to see them back in the show, their accents suit them, their nameplates back on their smokeboxes, and even their new whistles are good, kinda a reference to "The Missing Coach."  "Tugboat AnnieĒ anyone?
The Pack- Now this might be controversial, but I was never a fan of the pack, even as a kid, I never really cared for them much. I'm open to road characters, Heck I actually enjoy stories that focus away from the railway, it diverifies the stories telling. However, the problem was the pack in the model series is that the spin-off felt too much like "Bob the Builder." Here in CGI, they're much better utilized and developed they now feel like actual Thomas road characters. Though I will admit, there's actually one pack member that was my favorite; Kelly. I personally would like him to return. Alfieís voice has to be my favorite, he sounds like a realistic teenager.


Daisy- Quite a surprise, instead she works on the new branchline, instead of Ffarquhar.

The New Characters:

Mike/Rex/Bert- Yes I'm putting them in the new character category. This is groundbreaking to see the Small Railway Engines introduced into TV. I have a feeling that we're gonna see more of them.
Mike with his irritable self, Rex being sarcastic and Bert being clever.
However, I donít think that Mike and Bertís voices suit them
Now how do the other new characters hold up.
Ryan-Kinda disappointed that his promo persona stating that was "overconfident and dissmissive" wasn't like his offical character, but that doesn't mean he's any lesser of a character. Eddie Redmayne really delivers that natural role. Many complain that heís a Stanley Clone, but I kinda disagree. Stanley is like the cool kid with a blank state, while Ryan is a is the cowardly newcomer, thatís been through hell during his first week, and will often panic under dangerous situations. "PIRATES!!"
Skiff-Well, Iíll admit that Iíve kinda judged him like Marion, by their basis. But with Skiff, he feels like an actual character, heís a boat that dreams of being an engine, and with his face on his bow, you can actually see how heís struggling to breath while heís in the water. I really couldnít help but real sorry for him most of the time because his captain Sailor John, treats him like an abused slave.
Sailor John- A human villain. Heís the most humble, terrifying, yet most pathetic character. Itís pretty interesting on how he hits Skiff and stomps on his deck. But heís something unique to the Thomas world. Especially, the chase scene when he tries to throw dynamite at Thomas.

Easter Eggs:
Wibert Awdry is riding his bike in the beginning whom Oliver (Pack) apologizes to. Heís even in the standing behind STH/TFC while declaring the new branchline open.
In the scene where TFC/STH is making a phone call to the museum, a picture of S8 Emily can be seen on the wall.
During the heist scene, Iím gonna mention the Pinup Girl Poster in Knapford. I personally hope to see more of them, maybe in Brake Vans. Kinda gives that authentic 50s atmosphere.  
Duck and Emily were working together to help Thomas out of the cavern.
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