Question for Loco Bill and request for new paint scheme on 4-6-0

Started by Ted Yarbrough, November 03, 2015, 09:53:41 AM

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Ted Yarbrough

Loco Bill,
   At a fairly recent National Convention, I spoke with a well know Bachmann rep that approves the paint schemes on the large scale products. When I asked for a 'Flying Grande' paint scheme on the 4-6-0, he insisted that it had already been done. I have been using Bachmann 4-6-0's for a long while and have never encountered that scheme. Anyway, my question is has this paint scheme ever been used on a large scale 4-6-0? If not, then my request to Bachmann is to produce one (very similar to the White Pass or Rio Grande Southern painting with proper Rio Grande lettering). With the Cumbres & Toltec restoring a 4-6-0, it could prove very popular. An while I'm at it, they should likewise do the Moffit Tunnel herald with spelled out words down the tender, just like the 2-8-0. The repaints could yield more sales without a tremendous cost investment (no real new tooling of parts). Thanks for answers and for considering my repaint request.
Happy Rails To You,

Loco Bill Canelos

Hi Ted,

Sorry to be so long in responding, but I have been away til today.  First of all I am not associated with Bachmann Trains, but I am a fan as you well know.  I have no influence On Bachmann over paint schemes at all.

In looking at the train sets 90022,90025,90032,90034, none have either the Flying Rio Grande or the Moffat herald.

I have reviewed all the separately sold 4-6-0's including the latest version six 4-6-0 and can confirm that none of them have the Flying Rio Grande or the Moffat herald Rio Grande. 

I can only suspect that they may have been thinking of the 1:20.3 Spectrum line and not the Big Hauler line.

In past years I have suggested these paint schemes and have also suggested that each time they do a rerun of any product that a different road number be used.   They have not seen fit to produce either of the paint schemes mentioned above and for the same reasons you state, I can't understand why.   

It is my personal opinion that adding these paint scheme would indeed boost sales.  I know I would want at least two of each and would like to see them in both the Big Hauler 4-6-0 and the Annie Version six 4-6-0,  with different different road numbers for the BH version and the Annie version.

Yardmaster, Bach-man, Inside Track, any  chance of producing these classic paint schemes in the 1:22.5 4-6-0 product lines???

There is an 8 Wheel Caboose 93818 with both the Moffat herald and the Flying Rio Grande  but it is very hard to find, It came out in 1997 and was last in the catalog in 1999.  It has never been rerun!  I could not find a Bobber caboose with either the Flying RG or the Moffat herald, but I could not find some of my photos.

Loco Bill
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