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2-4-2 Baldwin Tank loco

Started by jeff langmack, July 04, 2015, 03:27:50 PM

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jeff langmack

To the forum, After a long time pondering I gave in and bought Bachmann's 2-4-2 Tanker. I have a couple of questions about this loco. What is the appliance on the top of the left hand tank and second I can't find a actual picture of this loco or any info regarding this engine.  Thanks Jeff

Wade Colyer

Hi Jeff,

That's a steam powered water pump so they could take water from a stream or lake when there wasn't a water tank handy. Bachmann put them on the unlettered engines so they could be used in logging or other industries. The prototype was built in 1898 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the English Lynton & Barnstable Railway. I tried to paste a link and it doesn't want to work so Google Lyn locomotive and you should get the information.