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April 22, 2019, 08:22:22 AM
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Author Topic: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2020  (Read 4397 times)
Falcon the 2nd

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« Reply #90 on: April 17, 2019, 07:16:11 PM »

I suppose I should get my predictions in before it's too late.

HO Scale:
As much as I would like to see Stepney, it doesn't seem like we are going to get more new toolings for HO scale at this point in time. Maybe if the brand gets taken over by someone other than Mattel, I could see that changing, but Mattel currently doesn't seem to care that Bachmann is supposed to be more realistic than Trackmaster or Wood (I'm looking at the Sodor Mining Co. Wagon and Live Lobsters Wagons specifically). With that said, I will post what I think will happen next year.

-LBSC Thomas
-Black James

I am going to say now that Mattel should stop pushing the pointless wagon recolors from Bachmann. They just don't fit the theme of the range well and those resources could be used in other areas instead. There are also currently 42 pieces of rolling stock in the range, 11 of which are recolors from the toy lines that we just never really needed. People probably aren't even going to collect all of them anyways, especially since there are still quite a few wagons that have actually been in the show. If we absolutely have to have a wagon recolor next year, I suggest a Celebration Coach, keeping with the 75th Anniversary theme and maybe being a Red Coach recolor with banners or something on the side with a 75th Anniversary logo. Then the recolors can stop there. We don't need almost a third of the rolling stock being stuff from the toy lines that don't fit with the appearance of the range or what the range is supposed to be.

Narrow Gauge:
I know that the rolling stock recolors aren't that expensive for bachmann to produce, but without the added cost of those announcements, maybe they would be just enough for them to squeeze in two new engines rather than one next year, especially since the range is so popular. Also, this year there have been a few limited edition items released in Bachmann's normal range, which are no doubt going to be popular since they are tied to the Golden Spike. Maybe these items will be enough to subsidize Bachmann's normal ranges next year, leaving more funds for the Thomas range (yes, I know this is wishful thinking). With that said, here are my thoughts.

-Peter Sam
-Sir Handel

Narrow gauge modelers have been asking for both of these engines almost equally because of all of the different real engines they could be turned into. Done correctly (which is almost no effort other than rivets for both), they will both be extremely accurate to their bases, and they will have even more appeal to modelers than Skarloey and Rheneas. These two could easily be freelance industrial locomotives, visitors to other lines, the Corris Railway could easily be modeled for the first time. They also have several variations within the Thomas universe as well, which some people will probably model.

-Brake Vans (Red, Blue, and Brown)

I think that brake vans could also possibly happen in 2020, however that entirely depends on when the Blue and Red Carriages get released, and if Bachmann can do this many new toolings for the Thomas range this year. Although, even if they can't do brake vans this year, they could probably do them in 2021, and there are alternatives in the meantime. Elsbridge Productions has made 3D printed ones, and Peco have 3 different types of brake vans on the way, so we could get some place holders until Bachmann can announce some.

N Scale:
Bachmann themselves confirmed that the new range will not be out before 2020 in their TCA Spring video. I think that they may produce a starter set with Thomas, Annie and Clarabel, but I wouldn't be surprised if this range is otherwise left untouched for this year.

Large Scale:
I feel like the Large Scale modelers deserve something nice, since they haven't gotten anything for a long time. Maybe a new engine is possible next year, since nothing was announced.


She would be fairly easy for Bachmann to produce, sharing the same chassis design as Toby, after all. She also seems to be somewhat popular as well, considering she is the third engine to get a Day Out with Thomas model. However, Plow Bender has brought up several good points about why both a new engine and a diesel wouldn't get as good of sales as we would hope for, and considering Bachmann Large Scale in general has been thinned out considerably over the last few years, I could see why a new engine couldn't be made.

-Red Coach
-Red Brake Coach

People have been hoping for them to make these in large scale for years, and they are really popular in HO, so they could be really popular in Large Scale too. It also wouldn't be that difficult for Bachmann to make these.

A host of good points are made here, especially with all the HO wagon recolors that have overstayed their welcome. By sheer coincidence, my predictions are pretty much idendical to yours! Tongue

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« Reply #91 on: April 18, 2019, 02:53:56 AM »

Hey All!
     After just reading about Bachmann's new license for selling in the UK and other places, I am more hopeful about getting a new tooling next year, so here are my predictions/hopes. Some of my predictions are not things I think will happen, but I hope for. I ordered them from most wanted to least wanted by me.

HO Scale:
  -Daisy: I would like to see Daisy because she has been in the T&F world for a long time and would be an interesting tooling that even people outside of T&F would be interested in.
  -Reintroduced Salty: Salty is such a prominent character in the show and it would be easy for Bachmann to recreate him. One thing I'd like to see on the reintroduced Salty would be for him to have his red head lamp. I also wonder if they'd make his face CGI or leave him model series.
  -Stepney: Although not top of my list, I'd like to see how Bachmann would interpret Stepney and he could very well be produced because of all the demand.
  -Ryan: If Daisy is made, I could see Bachmann making Ryan to complete the engines on the Harwick Branch Line. He would be an interesting color and a nice addition to the tank engines that we already have.
  -LBSC Thomas or Black James: If we have to have an engine repaint, I would suggest these because of the 75th Anniversary. I think I would like to see Black James more than LBSC Thomas but I don't have a huge preference.
  -Hiro or BoCo: These two are just long shots in my dreams but i just thought I would put them out there.  Wink

     These engines would be great additions to the line. If Bachmann's budget for T&F will in fact be bigger, I could see one new tooling (hopefully Daisy), the reintroduction of Salty (because they already have the tooling), and an engine repaint (for the 75th Anniversary).

 Rolling Stock:
   -Flatbed with Pipes, Rails, Hay, Crates, or Stacked Wood: I would love to see the stacked cut wood or the hay bales on flatbeds.
   -Well Wagon & Conflats: I would really like to see the well wagons because they are used a lot in the show. For the conflats
   -Troublesome Truck #6: We will most likely get another troublesome truck so I hope it will be a tanker. A tanker would be nice addition to the range.

There is probably more rolling stock that I'll add, but I'll add them in later.

   -Harwick: I know this is a newer destination, but if Daisy is made, then it'd be a good idea to make these to increase each others sales.
   -Crovan's Gate: This would be an awesome station because it merges narrow gauge and HO scale.
   -Narrow Gauge Shed's: It would be amazing to get one or two sheds because it is hard to find sheds that fit HOn30.
   -Bluff's Cove: I know it's a small station but it would be cool to see and I would love it if they included the green metal bridge.
   -Vicarstown: Ok so this one would be pretty big so I'm not sure if it would happen but I think it would be a cool station.

Narrow Gauge:
   -Sir Handel: I think either Sir Handel or Peter Sam will be made. The only reason I put Sir Handel above is personal preference. I really like the way Sir Handel looks and would love to see how Bachmann interprets that.
   -Peter Sam: I would also be fine with Peter Sam. I am good either way.

  Rolling Stock:
   -Blue Mountain Quarry Wagons: I would love seeing the green and red BMQ wagons. I don't know if this would be a long shot or not but it'd be really happy seeing these.
   -Brake Vans - Multi Colored: These would be an awesome addition to the range.

N Scale: I'm not sure if there will be any new announcements for n scale but here are some hopes.
I like this plan by really called thomas but I'm not sure it'll play out:

In futures years ideally 1 tender/long engine and 1 small engine along with 2 coaches and 2 goods wagons. For example:

Gordon/Duck, Green Express Composite Coach/Green Express Brake Coach/Tar Tanker/Troublesome van
Henry/Oliver, Red Branchline Coach/Red Branchline Brake Coach/Toad/Sodor Fuel Tanker
Daisy/Toby, Henrietta/Sodor Mail Coach/SC Ruffey/Troublesome Tanker

Large Scale:
  Engines: I am just giving suggestions for these because I do not collect them but I think some of these would be nice.
   -Edward: Even though I'm not sure if tendered engines would be made, if they are, I feel that Edward would be an awesome addition.
   -Duck: He would be a great tank engine and a great addition.
   -Mavis: She would be a great female character to add to the line.

  Rolling Stock:
   -Red Branch Line Coaches: These are pretty much a given.
   -New Troublesome Truck: I think this would be good because even though there are a lot of rolling stock, there are barely any troublesome trucks.

Hope you guys like these ideas and let me know if any of these seem way too unrealistic. Just remember these are not all for this year, these are just variations that I hope would happen. See you guys later!


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« Reply #92 on: April 18, 2019, 10:29:06 AM »

Not for nothing, but unless the LS range gets any sort of resurgence after it enters the UK market, I donít see them making anything else but existing rolling stock. And Iím pretty sure theyíre not making resin buildings anymore.

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« Reply #93 on: April 18, 2019, 11:11:43 AM »

The Large Scale range is already in the UK market. It wasn't against the licensing deal for Bachmann to sell them there.

Bachmann trains are awesome. I hope they come out with Stepney one day.

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« Reply #94 on: April 18, 2019, 04:17:26 PM »

What would be cool if they sold the flatbed on it's own.

Then sell crates, poles, logs, paint pots, planks, hay bales separately, that way we can change the loads. 

Proud Bachmann Thomas Collector.

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« Reply #95 on: April 18, 2019, 05:48:21 PM »

What would be cool if they sold the flatbed on it's own.

Then sell crates, poles, logs, paint pots, planks, hay bales separately, that way we can change the loads. 

That's a good idea but I'm not sure if Bachmann would do that because it might lower sales if they do instead of just selling the whole package. I would definitely get them if Bachmann did but since the range is angled to kids more, I'm not sure they'd think people would buy it. Just my thought but let me know if you guys think differently.
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