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Two truck shay 81198

Started by jeff langmack, August 30, 2015, 02:13:43 PM

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jeff langmack

My shay 81198, smoke unit no longer working. Is the smoke unit and holder removable from the front? I found two screws at the bottom of the unit after removing the boiler front. Am I on the right track? Need help! Thanks Jeff.

Loco Bill Canelos


I see you have no reply's and I do not know the answer.  The diagram is below:

Can any of the Shay owners help Jeff.

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Hello Jeff,
there are two screws under the smoke unit.
Remove them and you can pull it out.

jeff langmack

The two screws were the key to the whole thing. Undo them and gently pull the whole unit out. The smoke unit itself is held inplace in the heatsink by two tungsten wires one on each side. All I did was to undo the two wires and take out the bad unit and reverse install the new unit. I works great. Thanks Jeff


Try replacing it with a Piko 5 Volt smoke unit with voltage regulator, and hook the smoke unit directly to the motor, and connect the on/off switch of the shay directly to the wires of the piko smoke unit if it's a 38 ton shay.  If it's a 36 ton old generation shay, then just take out the old smoke unit, hook up the wires from the old smoke unit to the Piko voltage regulator, and then hook up the 5 volt smoke unit.  Bachmann Smoke units are not very good, so I tend to go for other smoke units.  Pro-Line Pulsed fan driven smoke units are amazing and work very well in shays, but it has to be the Version 2.0 that requires minimum voltage.  The Version 4.0s require a lot of voltage in order to work like that of Bachmann smoke units.


For what it's worth.
First run, 36 ton shays, are numbered 81xxx.
Second run, 38 ton shays, are numbered 82xxx.
Mesquite Short Line