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Started by jeff langmack, October 24, 2015, 08:19:45 PM

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jeff langmack

 To the forum, Are any sources for G Scale decals? Would like to find period decals in G Scale from the early 1900's to the middle 40's  Railroad/lumber/mining. Thanks Jeff

Chuck N

I use Stan Cedarleaf for all my decals.  They are excellent. I have use him for many different projects.  He does custom as well at established Railroads.

If he doesn't have it in his library, he will work with you to create what you want.


One project was to reletter 32 LGB iron ore cars to the DM&IR.  The original cars were Pennsylvania and Santa Fe.

Each car has a different number and the other lettering on the side matches that number.

He also did the custom lettering on my Shay.

Another custom project.

Lastly, I had four Bachmann J&S passenger cars that needed lettering for the Colorado and Southern, they worked out very fine.

Loco Bill Canelos


I also recommend Stan.  Stan has done many of my Colorado & Kansas Decals and my Missouri Western decals, He also did some 3 color heralds for my Missouri Western.  Super job!!!

If you find and old picture with something you like in the way of a name Stan can probably do it.  He prices are reasonable an service is quick as well.

Loco Bill,  Roundhouse Foreman
Colorado & Kansas Railway-Missouri Western Railway
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jeff langmack

 Thanks. I was going batty, couldn't find anything. Again, thanks. Jeff

Seaboard Air Line Fan

You should contact Dave at:

He does great O scale decals and may do G scale.

Bob D.


San Juan Decals has some--also MicroScale has some.


Over the last fifteen years or so I've lost count of the decals, some of them unique, that Stan has made for me.  He IS Mr Decal.

Another possibility is outdoor-safe thin-film vinyl, made by Del Tapporo.

Either gets my 100% recommendation of their kind.

Ottawa Valley GRS