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4-6-0 Rebuild

Started by SophieB, November 09, 2015, 10:26:22 AM

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Hi Y'all!

My boyfriend and I are trying to rehab an old 4-6-0 we found at a yard sale. It's the 90091 AT&SF with a ver 4 chassis and the insides of the drive look like it was rode hard and put away wet.

We'd like to replace it with one of the anniversary chassis with the metal side rods. Does it matter which one?

Thanks, Sophie

Loco Bill Canelos


The Anniversary Chassis does fit on the older body, but there are some small differences which may require a little tweaking according to some of our members who have done it.    The only differences I have seen is that some chassis have colors on the wheels and the cylinders that may not match the one you have. If you cant find something close you may have to do some painting.  The only other difference is that the pilot(cowcatcher) is different on some chassis.  You can use the pilot on your old one if the new chassis has a different one.

Look at all the available chassis to see which one is closest color wise to what you have.

Have fun with your new train set!!

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