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Author Topic: Bachmann #90059 White Pass & Yukon G Set  (Read 2893 times)

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« on: November 13, 2015, 05:33:45 PM »

Hi: I am an Alaska collector and just purchased on EBay the WP&YR G set from 2010. I found out that it was from 2010 from your office and then found a used catalogue from 2010 to confirm it. I have two questions. First, I was told that this set has never been opened or run. When I look at the inside Styrofoam cradle that the cars are in I found a large indentation to the left of the Lake Spirit Car and the power pack. It looks like something should have been in that space, although the carton contents seem to match up. I was wondering why such an empty space would be left that way with nothing there. Could you please check to see if in fact that was the way it was made or is there in fact something missing. Also, since it is supposed to be un opened I do not know if there is an instruction manual with the set. That being the case could I order another IB so as not to disturb the unopened set. Anything else you can tell me about the set would be helpful (like how many were made, is it rare to find in this shape). Thank you in advance for your help. By the way since I am an Alaska collector I have all versions of your McKinley Explorer sets. Thanks again. Don,
Loco Bill Canelos

Model railroading since 1947

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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, 07:18:59 PM »

Hi Don,

I document the history of Bachmann Large (G) Scale trains, but I do not work for Bachmann Trains.  I am guessing the set you got is:

90059   WP&Y   White Pass & Yukon   2007   2012   Pass   14   Annie   Coach #214 Lake Spirit   Observation #240 Lake Bennett   
90059   Notes:   New in 2007 This is the first non-Christmas set with an Annie and the first non Christmas Catalog set with an Annie no lights in passenger cars.                        

This set is listed as a "Limited Edition" set, but I have never been able to learn how many were actually made, It would be great if we could get an answer from Bachmann about the quantity. 

If I am correct about what you have, your set first came out in 2007 and it last appeared in the catalog in 2012. it was the first set with the Anniversary 4-6-0 Locomotive that was not a christmas set.  The Anniversary 4-6-0 locomotive first came out in 2000 and was very up scale with a new mechanism which has become known as the version 5 chassis.  It has many metal detail parts and metal siderods and the chassis is very trouble free when properly taken care of. 

If you got the set on Ebay from other than a Bachmann Authorized Dealer and it was not sealed, it is most likely not absolutely brand new, but it is impossible to tell for sure.   The only things I know of that was in the sets that was not on the contents list is a DVD with information on it. So you should have a DVD.  There are also the track clips to hold the track sections together and of course the power supply with the speed controller.   The photos I have do show an instruction manual so you should have one as well.  Here is a link to an online copy:

Bachmann  has never released the number of sets made in recent years.  They did have some limited run sets starting around the early 90's and ending in 2000.  They were called Golden Classics Series Sets and most were produced with 5000 sets made.  One set was made with only a run of 3600 and the last set had a run of only 1000.
Your set most likely have had a run of at least 5000 sets and possibly more.  Since 2000 Bachmann has never released the quantity of a particular set made.

I do not have any photos of the styrofoam insert for that set showing the contents, so have no idea what the open space may have been for.  It may be that nothing was in the space.  I have noticed that many of the styrofoam inserts are possibly used for different sets, such as other sets with the 4-6-0 locomotive and two passenger cars like the WP&Y set. 

Since you are an Alaska collector, you may be interested in other  Large (G) Scale items made by Bachmann. Here is a list:

90059   WP&Y   Set   2007   ^ Set   White Pass & Yukon w/10th Anniversary 4-6-0            Limited Edition S   $425.00    1st non xmas set with annie
90095   WP&Y   Set   1993   ^ Set   The Northern Express   P            $325.00    
31497   WP&Y   10   1992   ~ Loco   4-6-0 +, White Pass & Yukon            Bachmann Plus   $200.00    new worm gear drive, full valve gear & metal handrails
81000   WP&Y   14   2007   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, White Pass & Yukon Ver 5            S   Set Loco   only in 90059
81096   WP&Y   10   2000   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, White Pass & Yukon Ver 5   P         W   $300.00    
81296   WP&Y   7   2001   ~ Loco   2-8-0, White Pass & Yukon   P         Spectrum   $799.00    
91119   WP&Y   9   1992   ~ Loco   2-4-2,  with tender White Pass & Yukon            wood burner   $120.00    
91219   WP&Y   10   1993   ~ Loco   4-6-0, White Pass & Yukon   p            $140.00    Set 90095
93319   WP&Y   704   2007   Box Car   White Pass & Yukon  Gateway to the Yukon                $69.00    
93119   WP&Y   903   1994   Caboose4   4 whl, White Pass   P         Ltd Edition 1200   $40.00    Set 90095 and seperately
89393   WP&Y   203   2001   P Baggage   White Pass & Yukon    P         Not Lighted   $75.00    Metal Railings
97419   WP&Y   203   1992   P Baggage   White Pass & Yukon    P         Not Lighted   $55.00    
89392   WP&Y   209   2001   P Combine   White Pass & Yukon    Royal Mail    P         Track Power Lights   $75.00    metal railings
97119   WP&Y   209   1992   P Combine   White Pass & Yukon    Royal Mail   P         Track Power Lights   $55.00    
89391   WP&Y   224   2001   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon  "Lake Tutshi"   P         Track Power Lights   $75.00    Metal Railings
89391   WP&Y   226   2007   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon  "Lake Fraser"             Track Power Lights   $75.00    metal railings has same B number lake tutshi in catalog
89395   WP&Y   248   2004   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon   "Lake Tagish"   P         Track Power Lights   $77.00    Metal Railings
89396   WP&Y   204   2010   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon   "Lake Chilkoot"   P         Track Power Lights   $110.00    Metal Railings
90059   WP&Y   214   2007   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon   "Lake Spirit" plastic railing            Not Lighted    Set Car    plastic railings Only in Set 90059 as of 2007
97219   WP&Y   224   1992   P-Coach   White Pass & Yukon  "Lake Tutshi"   P         Battery Lights   $55.00    
89394   WP&Y   240   2001   P-Obs   White Pass & Yukon   "Lake Bennett"   P         Track Power Lights   $85.00    metal railings
90059   WP&Y   240   2007   P-Obs   White Pass & Yukon   "Lake Bennett" Plas railing            Not Lighted   Set Car    plastic railings Only in Set 90059 as of 2007
97319   WP&Y   240   1992   P-Obs   White Pass & Yukon  "Lake Bennett"   P         Battery Lights   $65.00    
88195   WP&Y   59   2007   Tank Car   White Pass & Yukon 1:20.3 Framed Spectrum      1      Fn3 Finescale   $200.00    10/1/2007 8 ft dia track req
93419   WP&Y   9   1994   Tank Car   White Pass & Yukon   P         Ltd Edition 1200   $40.00    Reisued in 1999
The product number is followed by the reporting marks, then the road number on the product then the year introduced then the type item, then other info I might have.

Most importantly enjoy your set!  It should give you many years of good service if you take care of it and store it in a cool dry place when stored.

Loco Bill

Loco Bill,  Roundhouse Foreman
Colorado & Kansas Railway-Missouri Western Railway
Official Historian; Bachmann Large Scale
Colorado RR Museum-Brakeman-Engineer-Motorman-Trainman
There are no dumb or stupid questions, just questions!
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