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E-Z APP™ is Here!

Started by Bucksco, November 23, 2015, 07:46:05 PM

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You do not need a smartphone. iPads will work and are even more convenient to use. Apps are free.


Wow! What a major progress! Can't wait to try it!

Grapevine Flyer

You do NOT need a phone service to run these trains. You can purchase an iPhone6s plus 16 GB for ~ $50 on eBay, download the free Bachmann EZ app and run the trains.

You do NOT need a phone service or any type of account associated with the phone. You can also use a tablet (like an iPad or an Android tablet).

It is a very affordable controller for a train, and works with bluetooth (which is built into the phone/tablet).

You will need to have an email address to get onto the Appstore or the GooglePlay store to download the free control app.

Grapevine Flyer

You do NOT need a phone plan on any device to run trains.  A good device for running EZ App is an iPhone 6s plus 16 GB which you can buy on eBay in the $50 range. No plan required. You will need an email address to create a free AppleID which will be needed to download the free app.


I currently have this set: BSA® All American HO Starter Train Set (00775).
It is powered by the Power Pack and Speed Controller (44211).
I want to purchase the new Scout Special with E-Z App Train Control (01503).
If I'm understanding the video I saw posted on the board I can run it with the 44211 Power Pack and Controller. I just have to do the direction switch movement (move it back and forth a couple times).
Is this correct?
I don't have a smart phone or device.

Yard Master

Hi Paul,
When running an E-Z app locomotive for the first time, it should already be in DC mode (power pack control) until you connect it to Bluetooth with the E-Z App for the first time. So if you purchase a new E-Z App set, it should be ready to run with the power pack right out of the box.

If your set is used, or if somebody else uses the E-Z App to control the Scout Special locomotive, all you have to do to change it from Bluetooth to DC mode is toggle the direction switch 4 times within 5 seconds.



My grandson was shocked to learn his EZ App loco will not function using an EZ Command controller. He wrongly assumed "EZ" meant a universal HO scale operating standard...
EZ Track + EZ Command controller + EZ App Loco = operational "EZ" RR system.
EZ App will run on straight DC, not EZ Command DCC system.
Question: Can EZ App loco be converted to DCC like I do Digitrax upgrade on my other DC locomotives???


EZ App will run on DCC powered track. You just can't control it with a DCC controller. You need to use a cell phone or tablet.
Jeffery S Ward Sr
Pittsburgh, PA