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LS Animated Stock Car

Started by jeff langmack, December 18, 2015, 12:47:54 PM

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jeff langmack

To the Forum Just got the stock car with horses, pretty cool. Just like the Lionel post war car from the late 50's only bigger. Same size as my C&S car only D&RG markings and a black body with archbar trucks and metal wheels. Jeff


jeff langmack

I'm not very good at these computers so I will try and describe the car for you. It is the same car as the C&S cattle car except that the body is black with the Flying Rio Grande logo is white along the top rib, there are four square holes big enough for a G Gauge horses head to stick out ( two on each side) the heads are mounted on a balanced beam wich allows the heads to move in and out of the side of the car as it in motion. The mechanisim is the same as the postwar lionel car except in G Scale. Hope this helps. Geoff

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