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Bachmann G Scale Side Dump Car

Started by Gandy Dancer 1, October 24, 2015, 12:22:56 AM

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Gandy Dancer 1

In doing some scratch building using these cars chassis I discovered the metal frame chassis have two versions; both are metal but one has small springs and journals, the second and probably latest version with noticeably larger springs and journals.  From what I can determine both versions are the same item number, making purchase (Ebay, Trainz, etc.) difficult.  Pix on these sites often do not even reveal these details.

I'm hoping you folks who keep up with this info can help me figure out how to verify BEFORE purchase which chassis it is. Guidance would be most appreciated.



Loco Bill Canelos

Hi Will,

I am afraid I cannot be a lot of help.  The first side dump cars came out in 1998 were green in color and had plastic wheels and the product number 92502.  When they were upgraded in 2002 they change the color to brown, added metal wheels, but for some unknown reason did not change the product number leaving it 92502.  in 2002 they also came out with it in black with metal wheels and did change the product number to 92503.

The only thing I can say is to avoid any car which is green and has plastic wheels.  The black car 92503 should be safe to buy for sure, and possible the brown car with metal wheels.

I would not hesitate to ask a seller for close up photos of the journals and to inquire if it has metal wheels.  Most sellers do not even know the product number unless they have the original box. Several buyers have said that Trainz seems to over grade their items and is very poor at answering questions, but most other sellers seem to be responsive.

Here is what I have in my database:

92502   None   None   2002   Mine Car   Wood Side Dump Mine Car Brown metal wheels
92502   None   None   1998   Mine Car   Wood Side Dump Mine Car Green
92503   None   None   2002   Mine Car   Wood Side Dump Mine Car Black metal wheels

My database is not always perfect even tho I try my best, and I was not aware of the journal changes on these cars until you made this post.   I do not have good large side view pictures of the cars showing the difference in the journals and springs. If you have the chance please photo them for me and send them to my personal email which is public.   I will add them to my historical photo record.

Good luck in your hunt.

Loco Bill,  Roundhouse Foreman
Colorado & Kansas Railway-Missouri Western Railway
Official Historian; Bachmann Large Scale
Colorado RR Museum-Brakeman-Engineer-Motorman-Trainman
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One other thing to note, is that the green cars have a plastic chassis - vs. the later metal one.

It's relatively easy to swap wheelsets, but not the chassis.