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K-28 plows

Started by mudhen, December 29, 2015, 12:34:15 PM

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I wish I could find the photo; but I lost it.
Has anyone else seen a plow   under the pilot deck, but before the pilot wheels,
opperated buy an air pusher air cylinder on each side under the pilot deck too?
looks like it raises buy air and rides just above the rails,
It almost looks like a flanger.

Kevin Strong

Yes, it is a flanger. I don't know how prevalent they were on D&RGW locos, but I've seen a few of them with such equipment. It's not a detail I've made a point to photograph, but it's one I've made mental note of whenever I've seen it.




There are a couple of threads on them over on the Narrow Gauge Discussion Forums.


The item your talking about is a flanger air operated plow. D&RGW had placed on or two for expirimenting on there engines but, When derailments happened It was easier to put a flat car back on the the engine. Flanger cars are a lot easier to handle and if you don't raise the blade in time for either a grade crossing and switch points it's easier to repair.


Cool, thanks for your input guys.