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C class engines on the D&RGW

Started by mudhen, December 24, 2015, 12:26:44 AM

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What is the difference between the  C-16 and a C-19.
Other than the tonnage ratings of 16,000 compared to 19,000 ???, and dates of manufacture?

Kevin Strong

Size. The C-19 is larger. Primarily a larger-diameter boiler, but also a touch longer if I recall. I'd have to dig up published drawings for both to compare the two for specifics.



Ted Yarbrough

From Jeff Johnson's C-19 Locomotive History:
"To the casual observer, the distinguishing attribute that set the Class 70 locomotive apart from the class 60 2-8-0 was its slightly longer boiler. Further inspection would reveal the slight increase in the boiler shell and driving piston diameters as well as five additional inches on the driver wheelbase. These upgrades netted the locomotive a few thousand more pounds of weight over the drivers. The design differences were just enough to allow the Class 70 engines to haul an extra 10 or 12 tons over the steepest of the mountain passes. "

In our scale, these would be very minor differences. The difference would be about like comparing an 'Annie' with the C-19.