Modifications to Big Hauler train set track

Started by on30gn15, January 31, 2016, 10:12:34 PM

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Hey Y'all;
Been making some modifications to Big Hauler train set track - something to which a slight misquote of Hamlet may be applicable, "Though this be method, there is yet madness to it."

Making some feeder connections from wiring and plugs stripped from Christmas light reels purchased for stripping the LED from. They do make an observable difference on the large loop.

And ...

Trying my luck at creating track sections with insulating gaps. Am doing 2 straights and 2 curves.
Reinforced stringers under rails toward one end of piece. Sawed through both rails. Inserted sheet plastic to fill gap. Am adding imitation fishplates to outside of rail to help stabilize it.

Second step is to add headblocks from ties either side of block by gutting out one end of tie each side of gap, adding 6 inch piece of 1/4 by 1/4 basswood, then coming up with some way to mount an appropriately sized double pole, single throw, toggle switch where on a turnout the switchstand would be.

For now, the feeder wires provide power, plug it in for power, unplug to cut power. Kind of a what I'd call a trailer park redneck tech level method, but hey, it works for now  ;D

My track is currently at our model train club set up on floor under HO modular layout's yards. Track is classic oval with cutoff at one end. What I want to do is be able to park a train on either inner our outer track, shut off that track; then turn on other track, and run other train, rinse and repeat as desired.

Theoretically, this will get you to a 10 picture - edit, now 15, I think -  album of the project, and my hairy little "helper", who knew model trains were a spectator sport,  on Flickr
When all esle fials, go run trains
Screw the Rivets, I'm building for Atmosphere!
later, Forrest

Chuck N

I answered my solution to the same post over on MLS.


A Trainman


I understand the idea of recycling and using all your resources to the max, but since your track isn't in your constant possession, I would be fearful of someone plugging your track directly into a 110 volt plug.

"there is yet madness to it."