problem with N scale berkshire steam with sound....

Started by Jakeman, February 22, 2016, 05:34:11 PM

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Hoping someone has a solution for the loco not moving. All of the functions work ( sound, lights, horn etc) however the loco will not move forward or reverse. I have tried re programming, putting it on different tracks. Our other locos work fine so I know its not an issue with tracks or the layout itself. The Loco is fairly new, only a couple months old and I have had no issues with it so far. Problem started yesterday while it was running and it came time to shut it down, there was NO response from the throttle. Thanks in advance for any help.


jakeman, yuo did not say you are using dc or dcc.also what system are you using if it is dcc. when you reset,did you use cv-8 =8.if so i would check the tender wipers and or the plug between the loco&tender.perhaps one of those wires is broken.the good thing going for you is that you say you have owned the berk for about 2 mths ,so if you can't find the fault wrap it up &send to BACHMANN for a warranty of charge for a yr.over a yr$35.they do have them in stock, so you should get a replacement rather could also be a decoder this info can aslo set up a on line account &register and quote problem etc &print a shipping order with the repair #that they issue.
regards&later KEWATIN


Kewatin...thanks for the reply and advice. It is DCC ( MRC Prodigy). Ill check to see if its the wires from the tender to the Loco. Ive tried a CV factory reset and also CV2 voltage reset but still nothing. I am aware of the warranty and the possibility of sending it in for service, but I would rather see if I can trouble shoot it 1st. Its my sons xmas present and I would like not to have to send it in not knowing the turn around time for a return. I do work just outside of Philly, so bringing it there in person is an option.
Since Im at work right now I cant check to see if resetting CV8 works or not. What does changing CV8 represent?


Good morning jakeman. cv8 is the factory reset for all dcc are fortunate that you live close to a rule lately, BACHMANN is replacing defective units with new ones,and they do have stock.the turn around if mailing at this time of yr is very good. you should be looking at 2 wks if you mail in. xmas is a badtime as the service dept is usually quite busy. i have been using it for the past 8 yrs and the longest time i have waited is 6wks ,again at xmas.have a good day & remember that there is always help from some very knowlegable members here,just might take a bit to get what you are looking for.
regards&later KEWATIN


Jakeman, when you advance the throttle, do you hear the chuffs of the engine? Could be that the orange or gray wire go desoldered or disconnected from the circuit board. Take off the tender shell using the four screws under the tender and check the integrity of the orange and gray wires.


I had the same problem with the NKP-765.  Tried everything but I had to send it back and if you do want the same exact engine cab number be sure to tell them that. They sent me  NKP 759 and I already had one. I have three so I just renumbered one to 757 like the one at Strasberg, PA.     
Nothing like a doubleheader steam.