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Author Topic: Thomas & Friends in 2017  (Read 148571 times)

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« on: February 29, 2016, 04:19:10 PM »

Here is the official thread to discuss your 2017 wishlists. Never too early for wishlists. Here's my 2017 wishlist:

Paxton, Sidney, Daisy, or Stanley
Percy or Diesel with speed activated sound
James with proper colors
Troublesome Truck #6 (Tanker)
Water Tanker
Brown Van

Narrow Gauge
Sir Handel, Peter Sam, or Rusty
Red and Blue Coaches
Red, Blue, and Brown Brakevans

Edward, Mavis, Diesel, or Bill and Ben
Troublesome Truck #3
Red Coaches


Henry's Tunnel

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, and Ryan.
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2016, 04:46:21 PM »

It is too early.  Undecided only been two weeks since this years announcement...

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« Reply #2 on: February 29, 2016, 04:48:11 PM »

I remember seeing people make wishlists just a few days after their yearly announcements a few years ago.

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, and Ryan.
« Reply #3 on: February 29, 2016, 04:52:46 PM »

And i would say it to them to soon lol. Plus i seem to recall just last week or the one before this type of thread being taken down due to complaints about The type of thread and how we should not make them

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« Reply #4 on: February 29, 2016, 04:55:01 PM »

People are getting tired of wishlist threads?

If I'm annoying anyone here, I am sorry. It is never my intention. If everyone is getting tired of wishlist threads, the mods are free to take this one down again. I didn't realize it was taken down before because people were getting tired of it. I will not make a thread like this again. However, I wasn't breaking any rules.

Plus, how was I supposed to know?
« Last Edit: February 29, 2016, 05:07:20 PM by TrainFan97 » Logged

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, and Ryan.

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« Reply #5 on: February 29, 2016, 11:52:28 PM »

Considering the recent atmosphere of this board in recent times, I hope this doesn't blow up in hostility
« Reply #6 on: March 01, 2016, 12:20:04 AM »

It won't blow up lol. And I was not having a go or anything just pointing out what i have seen people saying that is all.

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« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2016, 12:28:25 AM »

Let's all just get along. Arguing will only tear us apart. Moving on...

My wishlist for HO Scale: Stepney, BoCo, Sidney, Norman, and Ryan.

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« Reply #8 on: March 08, 2016, 07:58:18 PM »

Here's my wish list for 2017:

HO scale:


Rolling stock:
Brown long scrap wagon with scrap load. The brown scrap wagon we saw in Percy and the callopie.

The Duke and Dutches of Oxford

I realistically think that Bachman could make all the products on this wish list next year.

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« Reply #9 on: March 13, 2016, 11:37:53 AM »

Here's my predicitions for 2017:

HO Scale -
* Stanley
* Sidney
* Paxton
* Samson
* Harvey
* Daisy
* Philip
* Marion

Rolling Stock:
* Re-designed Annie & Clarabel
* Re-designed Henrietta
* Re-designed Gordon's Express Coaches
* Rocky
* Judy & Jerome
* Works Unit Coach - Olive Green
* Re-designed Tidmouth Milk Tanker
* Re-designed Sodor Fuel Tanker
* Troublesome Truck #6
* Troublesome Truck #7

* Sodor Shipping Company Warehouse
* Ffarqhuar Station
* The 4-roff shed (by Tidmouth Sheds)

* Re-designed Bertie
* Butch
* Trevor
* Flynn

Narrow Gauge -
* Sir Handel
* Peter Sam

Rolling Stock:
* Skarloey Railway Coach
* Skarloey Railway Brake Van

Buildings -
* Skarloey Railway Water Tower
* Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds

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« Reply #10 on: March 21, 2016, 04:49:41 PM »

Ok considering that the hostile atmosphere has died down, hopefully we can go to civil discussions.
To start off.

The only classic character I could think of is Daisy
However with Rosie in play. Bachmann's licenser wants them to focus on newer charcaters. They might go for the most marketable. The most marketable characters I could think of outside of the Steam Team are; Diesel, Salty, Spencer, Rosie, Charlie, Hiro, Flynn.
However Flynn is a gimmick design character. So I don't think a Bachmann model of him would work.
So here are what I think are reasonable candidates.


Consider that we're getting Roise, Bachamnn might as well do Charlie, a questionable choice character-wise. However on the positive side, he has a nice design with an interesting livery and has quite the detailing for a small tank engine. So given it would bring color contrast. He would provide a kitbash option for other modellers if they choose to do so. Hopefully, the pros could outweigh the cons if Bachmann happens to bring Charlie into the range.


Compared to Arry/Bert, Rosie and Charlie, this would the one I would consider the most. Since his debut, Hiro has become one of the most iconic character of the franchise. He's a well-developed character with actual depth and has a beautiful design. Another tender engine in the range. The pricing will be around Skarloey, but even so, Skarloey still sold well, regardless of pricing. Hiro is highly popular with both older and younger fans. He would make and extraordinary model, and would also provide Japanese Railway modellers kitbash for the real D51. Overall, Hiro is my personal favorite character from the CGI era, and I would be most then interested in a model.

For NG

Peter Sam

Personally, I feel that he has a stronger following than Sir Handel. Peter Sam has been a prominant supporting character where Sir has fallen in nonexistence onto the sidelines.


I would say the same for Rusty as I would with Peter Sam, as he seems to have a strong following. Rusty could be an alternative for Peter Sam, mostly due that Rusty has a much simpler design.

I would like to see Duncan considering that he's my favorite NG engine. But I could see it either being those two.

Please give some feedback. Smiley
« Last Edit: March 21, 2016, 05:15:17 PM by Metal » Logged

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« Reply #11 on: March 21, 2016, 06:48:05 PM »

Seeing as how it's been over a month since the 2016 announcements, here is what I would like to personally see from Bachmann in the future in narrow gauge only restricting it to my top three engines and stock possibilities that I would be in favor of.

For engines, Sir Handel and Peter Sam both seem like the most likely, if not inevitable additions to join the range in the near future.  They both offer unique color contrasts to the range as well as being highly anticipated since day one of Skarloey's announcement.  Plus, there has been talk of the possibility of Skarloey and Rheneas' toolings being reused as Talyllyn and Dolgoch models.  In this regard, Sir Handel and Peter Sam would both offer conversion possibilities for both Sir Haydn and Edward Thomas respectively, ultimately leading to strong sales.  I can see Bachmann picking either one of these next year, if not both (if we are lucky), since they would go pretty well together.

Best of all, if Bachmann wants to go for a simpler tooling the following year(s) after Sir Handel and Peter Sam, Rusty would be be perfect to join the range following these two.  His tooling is not only easier to make, but he also brings diversity to the range as the first and only narrow gauge diesel.  This could also lead to strong sales as well as plenty of conversion possibilities, particularly with his chassis.  It would then lead to only Duncan being left to complete the main six narrow gauge engines, so why avoid that?

I honestly don't mind personally whether or not they do the main six narrow gauge engines in numerical order or not.  As long as they are announced/made before any of the newer characters, I have no complaints on which order they choose to go in.  Though, if we were to go in the order of popularity then I agree with Metal with Peter Sam and Rusty before Sir Handel and Duncan.  Peter Sam has always been my favorite narrow gauge engine personally so I won't object to that idea. Smiley

Next, I would like to talk about rolling stock possibilities starting with coaches.  The red narrow gauge coaches that are used in the show now would not only work in regards to keeping up with the show, but they also work so well because they are also based off the real Talyllyn coaches.  I can easily see Bachmann making a coach with this livery as well as making one in a blue/white livery to match the Model era for a color contrast.  Either way, I see both selling like crazy!

Another possibility I would like to talk about are coal wagons.  I think Bachmann should look into making this new wagon tooling by releasing three with different coal loads, similar to the slate wagons that were announced this year.  We may already have the open wagon from last year's announcements, but I think these would honestly be worth the investment for a new tooling and would have better sales than their previous Peco recolor.

The last rolling stock possibility I would like to bring up are brake vans.  Just like coaches, brake vans have been wanted by fans for some time in the Skarloey range, and they also allow for three different color contrasts: blue, red, and brown.  I can easily see brake vans being popular sellers.

Last but not least, one of my friends suggested that I mentioned this on the forum, (your welcome Kevin Tongue) but I think that the Skarloey line needs a train set.  If they do a set, I would imagine it would be Skarloey with 2 to 3 slate wagons and an oval of track with a controller.  This would be a pretty good starter set to help fans get started with narrow gauge, and may help encourage consumers to eventually buy some of the other engines and stock to have in their collection.
E2 Billington

Stop Train, Stop!

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« Reply #12 on: March 31, 2016, 11:03:23 AM »

I'm new to this forum, but the engines/rolling stock I want in 2017 are

Flying Scotsman
Den and Dart

G scale
Thomas with sound
Tank cars with empty interiors and a removable top.

Paul H Hoff

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« Reply #13 on: March 31, 2016, 02:41:00 PM »

Welcome Aboard E2 Billington!!!

Good news on the HO scale Rosie and G scale Thomas with sound. Both were in the newest Bachmann catalog so we will get them in the future. G scale will ether have the sound built in or by a separate module you can add to your current loco.

Personally id love to see Flying Scotsmen as well, But ill be honest id love to see anyone new in this range. The fact that Bachmann is continuing to make these great models is the best thing.

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« Reply #14 on: March 31, 2016, 03:14:06 PM »

I'm new to this forum, but the engines/rolling stock I want in 2017 are

Flying Scotsman
Den and Dart

G scale
Thomas with sound
Tank cars with empty interiors and a removable top.
We already are getting Rosie and large scale Thomas with sound if you look at the 2016 announcements on the forum it will show what they are making for 2016.
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