lubricating wheels on n scale

Started by RevRich, March 15, 2016, 10:57:43 PM

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I went by instructions and lubricated wheels as instructed.  Did G scale and 2 n scale with wheel oil and then put one dot of conduction oil on outside of wheel --did not do engines--now the engines will only pull only half the weight is did before and wheels will spin and not move forward.  If using only on car will run  Any hints on what to do to correct this problem.

Ken G Price

Why would you put oil on the wheels? It will also get on the track and you will have almost no traction. That is why it slips.

Remove all oil from the wheels. There is no reason to put any oil there.
I have never even lubed the gears in the wheel trucks of any engines.
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Where did you find instructions directing you to put oil on the wheels?

As you have found and Ken wrote, that will result in not being able to pull much of anything.

I would suggest you carefully clean any trace of oil off the wheels and the track. Since most oils are designed to stay on the surfaces they are applied to, you will probably need to use a solvent (lighter fluid or similar) and to clean the oiled parts more than once. Use something like a soft wiping cloth and Q-tips dampened with the solvent. You need to remove all traces of oil from both the wheels and the track.

Be careful to not get the solvent on the cars as some solvents will damage the paint and lettering.

BTW, what is the "G scale and 2 n scale" you wrote in your post?

Good Luck!

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