5 amp booster and Dynamis with Pro Box

Started by captain1313, April 11, 2012, 04:20:07 PM

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Jim Peters

I'm Just Trying To Hook It Up To A Regular DCC System They Show You Two Bare Wires, And There Are NO Bare Connections For The Easy Track System


You can use a terminal power connector wire and splice off the male plug.


Hello all,

Here's what I did...And it worked!

I had a spare mini-plug to 1/8-inch cable. I also had a mini-plug to bare wire; that came with my Dynamis system and the screw terminal connector block that came with the Probox.

I cut the 1/8-inch end off of the mini-plug to 1/8-inch cable. I stripped the outer jacket being careful not to nick the insulation on the inner wires or the un-shielded third conductor (bare wires).

Because all the connectors are tip/ring/sleeve I used my multi meter on the continuity setting and determined the conductor

As it turns out the red inner wire (tip) is not used. The white wire and the bare copper are the conductors. (There is a diagram on the booster that confirmed this.)

Tip=Not Used
Ring=Positive (red)
Sleeve=Negative (black)

Then I metered between the sleeve receptacle on the Dynamis Command Station and the output pins on both the Command Station and the Pro Box.

Looking at both units the pin on the left side is the white conductor (ring) the pin on the right side is the bare copper (sleeve).

Next, I marked the mini-plug to bare wire conductor with a black permanent marker; sleeve=black, ring=red (no color needed).

Then I used the screw terminal connector block and attached the white (ring) wire to the left terminal and the bare conductor (sleeve) to the right terminal.

I plugged the 1/8-inch connector into the booster from the Pro Box/screw terminal connector block. The booster already had the red output connected to the right rail and the black output to the left rail. (Make sure that both outputs from the Pro Box and the booster connect to the same rail maintaining polarity.)

Then, as per the Pro Box instructions, I used two insulated rail joiners to isolate the programming track. Using color coded (red & black) terminal joiners I attached the mini plug to bare wires to the correct polarity on the programming section (pg. 3 Dymanis Pro Box User Guide).

I then powered up the Dynamis Command Station/Pro Box, then the booster and finally turned on the handset.

Then I ran a know addressed locomotive from the main track to the programming track with no problems.

Next I took another locomotive, placed it on the programming track and read the address correctly.

Now I have the Pro Box AND the 5-Amp booster working in conjunction along with a programming track.

This solution would be a simple "Fix" from Bachmann by supplying OEM produced cables that I cobbled together.

Hope this helps!
"Uhh...I didn't know it was 'impossible' I just made it work...sorry!"