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September 17, 2021, 07:05:26 PM
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Author Topic: N Scale Bachmann Thomas  (Read 34744 times)

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« Reply #150 on: August 27, 2021, 06:00:52 PM »

It made no sense to me neither. They closed a door for her head. What would happen if Toby got derailed the door was jammed or worse. Henrietta's passengers/workers are stuck and need medical attention.
I'm surprised the CGI series didn't add faces to Gordon's coaches since they basically talked a little bit in the early seasons. It's good that they didn't.

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« Reply #151 on: September 05, 2021, 03:25:06 PM »

Hello, I've just joined after having gotten into N Scale as a whole, including this line. I have to say, it is a wonderful product line thus far, the locos in particular blow their HO counterparts out of the water. I'm very invested in the future of this product line as a result. I see the conversation here has shifted to speculating/recommending what comes next, so I have taken the time to write up my thoughts on what would be nice to see in the next few years of the line.

I agree that Edward as the next engine after Toby would be the right call for Bachmann. He's fan-favorite who is not present in either the old Tomix N Scale line or Bachmann's own G Scale line, and would add more unique appeal to the line. Since Edward doesn't have any unique rolling stock associated with him (besides arguably Rocky, who would likely be too big and not a very popular pick), it would be a good year to flesh out the more ordinary rolling stock of the line, with items like Cattle Vans, Ventilated Vans, The Spiteful Brake Van. Since Graham Farish toolings already exist for all of those pieces, they would likely have as fast a turnaround time as the N Scale Tankers and look just as nice. I think Henrietta in 2022 would be good as well, since Toby needs something to pull.

After Edward though, I feel like they need to do Gordon and Henry next. It would be a huge shot in the arm for the line, as there is a huge demand for N Scale Henry (proven by how people have been seeking out old Tomix Henrys after being neglected by Tomix's reintroduction phase), and Gordon has always been a desired item in N Scale due to the 15 years or so of teasing in Tomix catalogues. It would also generate excitement in the line if it can be proven that big engines can be made in this scale, and would open up the door for other big engines like Spencer, or even potentially nonviable big engines requested in the HO line (Hiro comes to mind as the most likely, as he is generally well liked). The two would require new body toolings to match their CGI counterparts, but since their CGI counterparts share a chassis as well, hopefully one can be devised that doesn't stretch out Henry's proportions in the same way as the HO Henry. Gordon's Express Coaches would also be in the same boat as the N Scale Tankers and rolling stock suggested prior, since Graham Farish produces toolings of the basis for the coaches in the show, the SR Maunsell Coaches. The BR Mk1 or Suburban coaches would be acceptable as well, really anything that isn't adapting the super-thin designs in the CGI series would be good.

I feel like Emily and her coaches are inevitable additions to the line, as Emily is a fairly popular character who is in all the other ranges, as well as (arguably) the most well known female character. My only concern is that doing her after Toby instead of Edward or Gordon/Henry would make the range far too similar to the lineup of the G Scale range. That aside, Emily herself would definitely look excellent, but I am worried about her coaches. Annie and Clarabel are noticeably out of scale compared to Thomas, and since Emily's Coaches and the Red Coaches are based on their designs, I fear that the groundwork laid by A&C will lead to these coaches being out of scale as well. Hopefully Bachmann can fix these scaling issues with whichever of these coach types comes out first, since that might end up being a huge deal-breaker for some.

My final thought on this long-winded post is that Mavis would be a good pick for the range, albeit more out of practicality than hype factor. Much like Edward she is not present in either the Tomix N Scale or Bachmann G Scale lines, but she could also be very easy to produce. It's been noted on here that she uses Toby's chassis, but when comparing the Model Series and CGI Series versions of Mavis, the CGI version is nigh-identical to the original Model. Since Bachmann's HO model of Mavis is a darn near perfect depiction of that model (if not perfect, I couldn't find any discrepancies personally), I think Bachmann could get away with just shrinking the HO body shell tooling to scale properly with the N Scale engines. The only truly new tooling needed at that point would be a CGI-styled face and maybe the headlamp seen in later CGI seasons, but that would likely be a forgivable exclusion. The potential in reusing the HO shell tooling resources might make her a good choice in a year where another engine is taking forever to come out. Mavis isn't the only engine that would benefit from the "just shrink down the HO body shell" trick, though obviously it should never be used for characters whose HO models look nothing like their CGI counterparts. All of the engines based whose HO models are on their CGI counterparts (Diesel, Oliver, Rosie, Daisy) or engines who began life as CGI characters (Ryan, Paxton kinda) could be fair game for this though. If they were to bring Salty to N Scale despite his discontinuation in HO Scale, he could also benefit from this trick as well, as Salty's HO model is spot on compared to the original series model, and the CGI model is much like Mavis in that it is very close to the original model.

There are other recommendations I could make (mostly Diesel & Paxton) but this post is long enough. Frankly I don't think there's a single character in the HO range that wouldn't be impossible in N Scale (with maybe the exception of Bill and Ben, they may be too small). I believe this range has huge potential, and am eager to see how it evolves.
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Enjoyer of "Thomas the Friend". Edward for N Scale in 2022?

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« Reply #152 on: September 15, 2021, 06:08:37 PM »

Should bachmann make Henry in his original shape if they just make him in N scale?

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« Reply #153 on: September 16, 2021, 12:43:03 PM »

Heck no

Personal wishlist for HO scale:
Locomotives: Stepney, Harvey, Murdoch, Arthur, Molly, Stanley, Connor, Caitlin, Merlin, Diesel 10, Sidney, Den, Dart
Rolling stock: Tar Tanker and Red Express coaches rerelease, Old slow coach, Spencer's brake coach, Troublesome van, the breakdown train, circus trai
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