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Train-related eBay auctions

Started by douglas, November 21, 2007, 11:06:48 PM

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The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry?  Does it's horn play "Scotland the Brave"?  :D
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I have too much 'cool stuff' from eBay to post. At first I got 'stung' a very few times. Generally one who is 'stung' once on eBay learns some lifetime eBay lessons.

In fact I got too much 'cool stuff' that doesn't really fit my 'era' of ICRR late steam so I have been selling a lot of that off in the past and coming weeks.

I've purchased some truly 'Mint in Box' Spectrum heavy Mountains and Consolidations at what I consider great prices ... prices ranging between 49.00 to 69.00 a piece. These are for locomotives whose mfsr prices are $170 and $200 a piece.

I think, if a person is very careful and deals just with sellers who have perfect or near perfect ratings in the hundreds or thousands, you will not get 'junk' and will not get 'stung'.

Of course as Gene mentioned in another post, watch out for the 'shipping charges'. I charge only actual 'shipping' cost (I 'absorb' the cost and time of packaging in order to keep the shipping cost as low as possible) but even that is expensive (Thanks! USPS:D). Some poeple seem to think they need to make extra 'bucks' on shipping ... I don't buy from them even if their product is good, though I don't think their extra charging for shipping and packaging is dishonest or wrong. I just decided for myself, not to do that.

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