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Started by jlc41, June 07, 2016, 09:52:50 PM

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I have a new HO EMD GP7 loco (item #65604). I would like the sound NOT to come on as soon as the track is hot. I would like the start up sound to come on when I call the loco up. What CV and value should I use??? Or does this decoder not support this function???


It does not have a start up sequence .It will just go into an idle when powered up.If you use e-stop the loco will not power up with prime mover sound untill the throttle is moved for the address programmed to it.But wile it sits you can blow the horn ,operate the bell and lights.


Thanks for the reply brokenrail. Why would they set the decoder up that way???? Not happy about that, seeing as it is my first sound loco. So is my option replacing the sound decoder? Is their a DDC decoder and a sound decoder or is it all in one???


Your dcc system has e-stop that will shut down the whole layout or ,,,,,it can be programmed to individually stop a cert  loco when programmed to do so. Then it acts like shut down a little with the sound also.But when you shut down the layout and come back powering the layout up it will not run the prime mover until you give it some throttle. Sound Value decoder are good ,but very limited sound functions.Bell ,horn ,prime mover nothing else. Soundtraxx,ESU, and now TCS offers a micro sound decoder all in one that you can install yourself if you are up to it,,,, that is full function.They give you instructions .Recommend getting a micro decoder for this one that way you will have room for added weight and a second speaker.Highly recommend a zimo sugar cube for this one .Soldering skills are required along with a good understanding of electrical wiring and how to follow wiring diagrams to the T!

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