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Awsome scenery

Started by Ernie K, June 11, 2016, 11:11:51 AM

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Ernie K

Good morning, all.
Maybe many of you know of this site but it was new for me.
If you model a quarry, mine operation or any mountainous layout and are interested in extremely easy scenery go to this link and see what is offered.

All you need for fabulous scenery is a scissors and glue.
Take care.


And a big layout if you like mountains.

Ken G Price

What site? I see no link. ???
Ken G Price N-Scale out west. 1995-1996 or so! UP, SP, MoPac.
Pictures Of My Layout,

Ernie K

now there's a link.


A flatland layout is actually harder to make convincingly realistic than a mountain layout.  I found that out when I moved my locale from the Ozarks to the Gulf Coast.