"Record of Recent construction" Baldwin narrow-gauge locos

Started by railexpert, July 28, 2016, 06:10:46 PM

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I have found the Baldwin "Record of Recent construction" in the Internet. It appeared around 1900.
There are shown tons of narrow gauge locomotives in gauges between 1' 11 1/2" and 4'.
There are also other Books of Baldwin locos on this homepage.


Have fun with this wonderful locomotives,  all you may wish from Bachmann.
My favorite is on page 108, a mixture a of Porter 0-4-2 and a Streetcar. I want to build this with parts from Bachmann.

;) Railexpert :D


Cool stuff. Lots of interesting power in there. Large, small, tender, tank, standard gauge, narrow gauge, mining, compressed air powered, electric powered. Normal looking, quirky looking. Publication well worth having, wonder where to acquire one? Thanks for posting page link!
When all esle fials, go run trains
Screw the Rivets, I'm building for Atmosphere!
later, Forrest



here is another record with locos for Plantations service. Full of NG locos.


Have fun.