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Bachmann Polar Express (with DCC on board)

Started by flyfisher56, June 12, 2018, 02:07:14 PM

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I run a traditional small ho layout using DC Variable Power.  Transformer is a Tech II.  Our friends son (13 yrs) purchased the Bachmann Polar Express (with DCC on board) and asked if he could run it on my layout when the family comes over.  I know very little about DCC and am wondering if he can run this engine on my layout.  The last thing I want to do is harm his new engine.  Hope someone in the forum is better informed than me.   Thank you.


Bachmann locomotives with DCC are equipped to run "Dual mode"... meaning they can also run on DC powered track.  They will respond a bit slower (require more throttle to run). Your layout should not harm his Polar Express set.




Bachmann did an HO Polar Express?? The only one I'm aware of is from Lionel.

At any rate, like Jonathan said, you'll need more throttle than a straight DC loco because of the voltage loss through the elctronics, but otherwise it should run fine.

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For some reason, I think you can't use the momentum (pulse) mode if you use the Tech II.