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4-8-2 Light Mountain DCC sound installation

Started by shawneehawk, January 15, 2016, 04:14:29 PM

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Thanks for the responses.

Steve, I got into the tender shell this morning before work.  The problem was not the capacitors.  I think it is the decoder itself being crammed in with the dcc plug, wiring harness, PCB, and tender wiring.  The end of the the tender with the tabs will not completely close, but it is only 1/8 or 1/16 inch.  It closes fine on the drawbar end with the screw.  There are 3 weights.  I am thinking seriously about removing the top one, and trimming the mounting posts for the PCB a corresponding length.  Has anyone else ran into this problem?  As I mentioned above, the Connie #1359 was no problem, but the PCB's are slightly different.  I don't think there is much difference size wise between the Tsunami and Tsunami 2.

Trainman203, there are a few 5 chime whistles to choose from.  I'm looked at some L&N Mountain photos in Prince's book, but honestly cannot tell what type they are.  I grew up alongside the L&N in southern Illinois, but steam was gone when I was 2 or so.  I do like to be prototype correct when possible.

I went ahead and completed the install.  First thing I discovered was I had the plug backwards!  I corrected it.  The Bachmann 4-8-2 Mountain with the Tsunami 2 is nice. I did not get into programming it beyond changing it to long address and setting up basic configuration.  The sounds are loud and crisp, and the default whistle blasts!  I also noted my NCE Power Pro programming track with PowerPax booster will not read the Tsunami 2, so I had to do that basic programming on the main, which always makes me nervous. 

Thanks again for the help, and further input, especially on the tender, is always welcome!


The best way to learn to ID whistle types is to go to the website of one of the companies that makes and sells reproduction steam whistles, like MD whistles.  You can see photos and hear sound samples .  Don't let road names narrow you too much, whistles were made by appliance companies and sold to everyone.


The SoundTraxx Tsunami2 decoder does not require a programming track booster.  Remove the PowerPax  programming track booster and you should be able to program and read Tsunami2 CVs using NCE Power Pro programming track, if not contact SoundTraxx.

Also, you can completely remove the capacitors.  However, no need to remove the RF Chokes (inductors) unless you just wish to practice your soldering skills on a PCB.