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SP bloody nose F3

Started by NSthoroughbred, July 16, 2016, 11:08:56 PM

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  How about set of Southern Pacific F-3 locomotives in the bloody nose and grey scheme.  These were used for both passenger and freight and into the early Amtrak era pulling the Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited, and other western services.  This is a product not made by anyone yet.  Make these and you shall sell.  Many manufacturers have made SP passenger sets in the red and plain stainless steel scheme.   The bloody nose F-3 units by Williams would go well with these cars and freight.  

the Bach-man

Dear NST.
Good idea- I'll pass it along!
the Bach-man


Great!  Thanks!  My passenger cars await!   :)


There is some activity on the OGR Forum regarding this product idea.  Anything brewing here?