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Sam's Set Price reduction

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, November 26, 2007, 08:16:21 AM

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Loco Bill Canelos

For those interested the price of the 2007 Sam's Club Christmas Set 90061 Northern Lights has been reduced to $124.81 on the web site.  It says online only, so I can't say what has happened in the stores. 

Happy Holidays
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I was in my local Sam's Club today and it was priced at $124.81 as well.

Getting tempting.......


Same here today at a Dallas area Sam's.


Same here in St. Charles, Mo. I read the box but could not tell if this can run outside, anyone know?



I love the three Sam sets I have, but this last one sucks.  I wonder why Bachmann put their name on it.

Jon D. Miller

Yes, the Bachmann large scale sets are designed to run outside.  As has been related many times before, the tin track is for indoor use only.  Put the Bachmann track outside and it rusts away in no time.  You need track such as brass or stainless, or aluminium for outside use.

That's not too difficult to figure out.  It's called sales and $$$$$.  If that's what Sam's wanted then Bachmann supplied. 

Poster Child (unofficial & uncompensated)


I've seen the older sets go out in a steady stream, but this year they're going a little slow.
Next year, I'm rebuilding my layout and I've decided to run mostly Bachmann steam. I'd like to have the new 2-8-2, but I'll have to wait until my rich uncle dies.


It may be too late, but if want some cars and spare parts, ask your local Sam's club manager if you can have the display unit when they've sold out.  They don't pay anything for the display units.  The locos are stripped (no motor, lights, etc.) but the cars as I remember were only missing couplers.