New Additions to my Virginia & Truckee Rolling Stock

Started by RkyGriz, September 20, 2016, 09:38:53 PM

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Hi everybody! I just completed repainting and renumbering/lettering two flatcars that I bought brand new on Ebay  and modified for my Virginia & Truckee G Scale railroad. These flat cars were made by a company who wasn't Bachmann, so I will not mention its' name here. Please see the video for further details.
Have a great day!

A Trainman

Looking good Andrew!
Where did you get the V&T letters and numbers?



Hi, Adam. Thanks for the compliment. The decals were bought on Ebay. They are actually O Scale decals and there are only 2 V&T decals on the entire sheet that are usable for G Scale. Here's a direct link to the seller's auction:
I'm now have 3 identical flatcars lettered for the V&T and am thinking about possibly adding 2-4 more and maybe a custom boxcar for a nice long flatcar/boxcar/caboose train. The boxcar will be a Bachmann boxcar that's already brown and then painted in Dark Tuscan Red Oxide. I may have to buy a letter sheet and try lettering it myself(yeah-good luck to me getting those on straight!LOL!). We'll see. I'm concentrating on flatcars right now. I want a full V&T freight train to go with my full 4 car V&T passenger set. This is definitely going to be fun. Expensive and time consuming, but fun!