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ho crossovers

Started by Bill Scott, October 27, 2016, 10:00:50 AM

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Bill Scott

I have an inner and outer loop and want to add crossovers do I have to isolate any rails?



In general, it is a very good idea to gap the rails where the crossover occurs... at a minimum.  Why?  It is easier to isolate electrical problems between the inner and outer loop.  It also allows you to operate two trains at once: one on the outer; and one on the inner.

For example:  I have three loops on my layout.  Each loop has a crossover, so I can pass from one loop to the other. I have an electrical gap between the crossover rails for each loop.  Also, each loop has it's own power source (DC).  Hence, I can move a locomotive from the yard, across each subsequent loop, until I reach the loop where I want to run a train.  Once that happens I can run that train continuously, and still start another locomotive onto the next loop to run a train... all while still running a train on a different loop.

One day, I will switch to DCC, where trains are run independently of the power source.  So the entire layout can be operated from one power source.  HOWEVER, I will still maintain the gap in between each loop.  These gaps will create "districts". So, if I have a shorting, or other electrical problem, it will be easier to isolate where the problem is, and still be able to run trains in the other districts, while I fix the problem area.

Gapping trackwork, especially crossovers, can get complicated in a hurry, depending on your needs.  I tried to give as simple an answer as possible.  Hope that helps.




Out of the packaging, all HO Bachmann # 6 Remote Crossover Turnouts are wired for use in a DCC powered layout.   The #6 crossover cannot be used in DC power layout without modification to the turnout's wiring beyond just gaps in rails.