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Speakers ( C-19)

Started by mudhen, October 30, 2016, 12:25:26 AM

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Is it just me.  
Has anyone else blown a speaker in the C-19, or any
other Bachmann engine. It comes with a 8 ohm, 1watt speaker.
What is the maximum ohm and watt size I can put into this for
the best sound quality and know I will not have another speaker
blow on me. ???? Never had this happen to me before.
Thanks in advance for any help to this problem.


I use the Phoenix 3", 8 ohm low profile # 820-770 in my C19 and other 3" round speaker installations. Never had a problem.. ed


The stock speaker in the C-19 is 1W.  By contrast the speaker in the new 2-6-0 is 2W.

While I have yet to have a failure in my C-19 1W speakers, I have replaced most with speakers from Phoenix which I believe are 2W.

Most sound systems desire 8 ohm speakers.

Hope that helps.




The sound system you have installed will specify the speaker impedance (Ohms) you can use.  Also, the speaker must have a power rating (Watts) compatible with the sound system's amplifier. The result is a burned out speaker if the speaker power rating is too low.

Yardmaster, verify the specs of the factory installed speaker in the C-19.

Frequency Response Range:  Hz   to   kHz
Power:   Watts
Impedance:  Ohms


To the Yardmaster,
My C-19 come with one 8 ohm - 1watt, 3 inch speaker.
I am told most sound systems need  8 ohm,
3 to 4 watt speakers which comes with the sound board, for
example Phoenix Sound.