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Berkshire traction tire

Started by rgengineoiler, December 12, 2016, 01:53:08 PM

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I read the Spooks message concerning using paint to keep traction tires on the drivers.  My problem is I have a brand new Berkshire that has a completely broken traction tire and Bachmann has no more.  I can only work on the layout in the winter and I had purchased this one last May 2016, but kept it boxed until a few days ago.  Ran it around the layout a few times testing it's new ness and noticed a broken traction tire and a chunk of it missing.  It is probably somewhere in a tunnel cause I can't find it.  So is there any other way to replace this traction tire or something else that will work?  Appreciate any suggestions.  RG   


Bullfrog Snot is a fine substitute for traction tires.


Mike C

Double sided Scotch tape will work too . It might take a couple layers to get the right thickness .


Thanks to both of you.  I'll try the Bull Frog Snot first and just ordered some.  I am rural and no shop to go to worth a darn.  I had heard of the Snot but had not given it a thought and was not aware on how to use it so will give it a try.  I assume I should alcohol the driver first and then install the Snot and dry for a long time.  I own many steamers and never had this issue before.  RG



The driver Diameter, as close as I can measure with my calipers is.420 and that is not in the TT groove, just overall dia.  RG


Go to the walthers website :   Check out who sells traction tires  and get tires & installation tools / John2.


OK John, I'll check it out and thanks.  RG

James in FL

Take your calipers and measure the bottom of the grove in the driver.
You cannot accurately measure the rubber tire.
You need to know the ID.
As has been suggested, try the tires that fit the J and the Connie.
Also try a Kato Mikado Traction tire.

I have also purchased TT's from both Con-Cor and Walthers, maybe they have something that will fit.

What was the cause of failure with the first TT?

You state in your observations you noted a piece of the tire missing.
What I'm asking here is, was the tire cut?
Rail burrs?
Or was it simply a fatigue failure where the tire stretched, dried out, and then finally cracked because the elasticity was no more?
Dry rot?

TT's have to be handled somewhat with 'kid" gloves
Don't push your lokie along the railhead when re-railing.
Don't clean them with anything that will cause them to dry out.
Don't overload it's pulling limit.
That makes the driver spin in the stretched tire, not a good thing.
That's what makes tires get thrown.

I've had TT's last decades.
Somewhat a surprise to hear you lost your TT so quickly.

Good luck


Good Morning James and sorry for the delayed answer.  It is the holidays.  As mentioned in my post I had just taken the Berkshire out of the box and put it on the track and was running it around the layout on adr. 03.  Noticed the traction tire flapping a bit and stopped and inspected the driver.  Part of the TT was missing and the rest loose on the driver on the Engineers side.  My thought is a manufacturing defect and yes I am aware of being careful of TT's.  Bachmann is out of them and I can't come up with any elsewhere so I have some Bullfrog Snot on it's way and will carefully install some of that product on the driver and keep searching for another traction tire.  I have many steamers and have never had this happen to any of my Loco's.  Been in the hobby in N Scale for over thirty years.  I really appreciate all of the feed back and thank you.  RG


Just my question ending note:  Installed the Bull Frog Snot in the slot where the TT was.  Had to thin it some with water as out of the bottle was to thick.  Ended up installing three coats and curing each one for a day to fill the TT gap.  Berkshire runs great now and a good puller.  I was aware of this product but had never needed to look into it's effectiveness and hadn't given it a thought.  I am a believer now for sure and thanks Mark for the suggestion.  Doug


Hey, cool. Glad to hear everything worked out  ;D