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2017 ON30 annual magazine

Started by aussie geoff, January 05, 2017, 02:50:48 AM

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Royce Wilson

maybe it going to be a 2018 annual.



I was at Winterail 2017 this past weekend and there was a White River rep there. She swore the annual would go out in April.
I'm not saying she's wrong, but the editor is still working on stuff and I have yet to see a proof. I'm not sure how they'll get it finished, printed and shipped in such a short timeframe, but once it's ready, it wouldn't take long to print it, I guess...


My side-hustle is writing non-fiction books. The minute the editor is done, the magazine can be printed in probably less than 12 hours later.

Most people don't realize this, but unless the book you order from Amazon has super high demand and warrants a traditional press run or has special requirements, i.e. hard cover, lots of photos, glossy paper (typical rail history book), the paperback books you order do not exist physically when you hit purchase.

A technology called print-on-demand receives the order and the book gets printed and shipped to you. This allows a lot of niche market books to be printed and sold that otherwise could not justify the cost of a press run.

My point in stating this is to show has printing technology has changed. Yes, I am sure this will be an off-set color press run. The point is, printing technology is very different now from what it was even a few years ago.

I send in my files (cover and interior) and I get a proof copy in about three days.

I guess we'll find out when we get our annuals in the mail.


Quote from: ksivils on March 20, 2017, 08:54:35 PMI send in my files (cover and interior) and I get a proof copy in about three days.
Well, I sent in my photos and article in January, and I still haven't seen the proof yet.


No additional insight, just making sure everyone is aware of the other on30 annual thread.



Just got the proof for my article last night. There were some corrections, but nothing big. I was advised the copy was going to the printer in about a week.

Royce Wilson

I still have not received my Jan/Feb Gazette after inquiring twice ,hope the Annual has better luck.



Royce, hate to tell you this, but l just got my March/April Gazette.
Mesquite Short Line

Royce Wilson

When did you get your Mar/Apr Gazette?. I still live in that black hole I guess I would do better buying them off Ebay.



I've had my Mar. / Apr. NG&SL Gazette for about a week.

Possible your NG&SL Gazette sub got lost or corrupted in the takeover.

Why not call White River Productions? They publish a number of model RR products, and have always been very helpful with any questions.

Phone number for Subscription Inquires is:


Hope this helps, and Happy (well read) RRing,

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I too, received my mar/apr Gazette early this week.
Mesquite Short Line


The On30 Annual has been shipped. Just heard from a pal of mine in Florida who got his copy in the mail today.  ;D
Haven't gotten mine yet (I ordered a few extras for obvious reasons, due to my layout article being in it), but I expect it any day now.


I received mine in the mail today also.

I have only gone thru it once (quickly), but it looks to be another great annual with lots of good stuff.



That means we'll see ours, here in Oz, around about mid-winter......(July)

It doesn't pay to be in too much of a hurry.......


There is no such thing as a Part Time Obsession


Got my copy today.
I had pre-ordered in March, just before the closing date so they must be all caught up on the pre-orders.

Lot of good reading in this issue and some good ideas.
Dave Mason

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