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Started by NSthoroughbred, January 17, 2017, 02:53:25 PM

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I see a few places advertising Williams F59PHI locomotives  in three road names.  Is this product coming out?  I cant find this on the WBB website.   If it is true, I would want to buy one or two in Caltrain colors which pull their "baby bullet" trains. 


Try an internet vendor. Sometimes the Bachmann website don't list all the products for sale by Williams/Bachmann trains.

Lee F.


The F59PHI was announced at the fall York show. Here is a link to the downloadable announcements brochure:

It will be a while before this model is available. Don't worry, we will get the word out when it is in stock.


How about some more road names.

Caltrains.  MARC.  Metra.  TRIRAIL.  Railrunner. Northstar.

Offer more, sell more.