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Started by mudhen, May 19, 2017, 02:14:32 PM

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Years ago I used dry transfer lettering, now its almost impossible to find any. I remember using Lettra Set. 
But that is even hard to find these days, up here in the Great White North.
All I want to do is make up ( 6 x Oil Road Service ) in 3/32 white Roman Railway lettering to go on my U.T.L.X. tank cars, for the D&RGW.
Anyone know where or # of such lettering can be found.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Loco Bill Canelos

If you are willing to use decals, you could contact Stan Cedarleaf.  Cedarleaf custom Decals.  Stan will make however many sets you want with no setup charge for simple lettering.  I have used his decals with excellent success.
Loco Bill,  Roundhouse Foreman
Colorado & Kansas Railway-Missouri Western Railway
Official Historian; Bachmann Large Scale
Colorado RR Museum-Brakeman-Engineer-Motorman-Trainman
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Ted Yarbrough

I agree with Loco Bill, that Stan does wonderful work and have used him for decals. I have also used G-Scale Graphics for dry transfers. He does excellent dry transfers. It is just which one you want to use. Both are garden railroaders.

Kevin Strong

In the Great White North, check out all-out graphics in Vancouver. They do custom dry transfers. I use them for many of my projects. Great people, great quality, and fast turnaround. Not cheap--especially for one-offs. When I send artwork to them for dry transfers, I try to fit 6 or 7 cars' worth of artwork on a 9" x 12" sheet. That brings the cost down to about $8 per car, give or take. (I'm in the US, so I currently have a favorable exchange rate.)




Thanks for your suggestions, Ordered today.