Wiring a momentary circuit to trigger an EZ Track turnout

Started by Grapevine Flyer, May 24, 2017, 02:18:03 PM

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Grapevine Flyer

I have a pair of wires (which I am able to remotely control) that I would like to use as a momentary switch to trigger an E-Z Track turnout. I am able to momentarily complete the circuit on these 2 wires.  Can anyone please explain to me how I can use these 2 wires and wire them into an E-Z App turnout and trigger it?


I was thinking you need 3 wires, but than I don't know anything about EZ track.


In theory you could use your 2-wire 'trigger' to operate a SPDT relay to operate the turnout. The problem is one side of the turnout would always have power applied, burning out the solinoid winding.

If you pulled the stock "guts" out of the turnout, you might be able to do it using a DC 'stall motor' turnout, similar to the 'Tortoise' or the one sold by Micro-Mark.

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the spare parts box.


My layout is mostly DC-based EZ Track -- the switches do have 3 wires for directional control, comprised of a single common and a powered for each direction the switch is thrown.  Do you have the wire that came with the switch, or is your concern that you don't have the appropriate control?

Grapevine Flyer

I have some leads that I can control wirelessly with a smartphone, and I am trying to utilize them to control an EZ Track turnout.  I have 1 common positive lead, and I have up to 4 negative leads. I am able to control each of these negative leads as a momentary switch (from my smart device).

I'm wondering if I can use them similar to the 3 wires typically used, except that the polarity is swapped (I would have a single positive lead, and 2 negative leads).


---- I have some leads that I can control wirelessly with a smartphone

That sounds neat -- can you tell us how you created that?

---- except that the polarity is swapped

I don't know if that will work, perhaps someone on the forum with better electrical knowledge than me can shed some light on it.

If you don't mind risking the the sacrifice of one turnout's switch motor, you could always give it a try.  If it does burn out, then at least you still have a manual switch...

Grapevine Flyer

Thanks. I'm using a BlueRail board. If anyone knows if my polarity reversal is cool feel free to chime in. Otherwise I'll just give it a shot.