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Minimum Radius

Started by okrail, August 23, 2017, 01:38:35 PM

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but will Bachmann N scale EMD F7 operate on a 9" radius?


If you mean 9.75" (does anyone make 9"?), yes.



I'm using Peco small radius turnouts and flex track on a new 2'x4' layout. Older F7 units seem to work, but wanted to know about the Bachmann units now available.


Even if you are using the "matchbook" PECo turnouts, the B-mann F-units will traverse them.  Every four axle diesel that I have tried on those will run.  I have seen even one or two six axles traverse those turnouts.  Every diesel with four axles that I have tried traverse the "small" radius PECo turnouts easily, as well.  More of the six axles will traverse the PECo "small" radius  turnouts than will traverse the "matchbook" turnouts.

James in FL

Not sure of what "matchbox" Peco turnouts are.
Must be an obscure term.
May be your referring to the ST-5 and ST-6?

Do not think B'mann makes a 9r.


PECo sells plastic frog nine and three quarter turnouts.  They come in a package that looks like a large matchbook.  I forget the stock numbers of the things.  Most PECo turnouts come in a flat, long, rectangular box, but the referenced turnouts come in a different package.

B-mann no longer sells nine and three quarter track.  The sharpest curve that it sells is eleven and one quarter. 

Most of the Bachpersonn four axle diesels will operate on nine and three quarter track.  The smaller steam, the ten wheeler, mogul and USRA 0-6-0 will operate on nine and three quarter.  The 2-8-0 and anything larger do  not operate well, if at all, on nine and three quarter.  I have some industrial trackage on my pike that is nine and three quarter.  The 2-8-0 s will operate over some of it, but on some of it, they climb and derail.   

The Kato 2-8-2 will operate on nine and three quarter.  It does not like it, but it will run.  What is funny is that Bachmann's 4-8-2s and even the 2-8-8-4 will operate on the eleven and one quarter.  They do not like it and they do not look that good doing it, but they will run.  I do not have any of B-mann's 4-8-4s, so I do not know what they will do.