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N scale Plasticville buildings

Started by ModernTrainfan, August 19, 2017, 09:38:31 PM

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Hi just wondering why there are no kits in the N scale line.I don't want buildings I have to figure a way to disassemble with out destroying the darn thing.


To Modern Trainfan  : If you are going to want  N -scale structure  kits  you are going to have to  Check out the  Walthers website .  They  have Kits in the scale you are working in.   Bachmann  also does not make assembled  structure in HO scale .   Nobody does everything , it is not cost effective , but the hobby  does have alternatives available .   J2.

Terry Toenges

Unless they have stopped, Bachmann does make some assembled HO structures. Here's one and Hobbylinc shows others.
Feel like a Mogul.


I don't want "N scale" kits.I am asking specifically about "PLASTIVILLE" N scale building kits.